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Thimo Fiesel

Managing Partner
ComTeam Organisational Development GmbH, Austria

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About me

As a consultant and coach, my guiding principles are the individuals, their life stories, and their integration into teams, organizational structures, and cultures. With my systemic training and years of leadership experience, I have developed a clear and analytical understanding of people and organizations in decision-making, conflict resolution, and change processes.

We live in an era defined by global changes. These worldwide shifts and the resulting individual transformation processes continually challenge people, companies, and organizations. Personalized answers and strategies are necessary to address these changes. Effective solutions first require the right questions and hypotheses – this is precisely where I come in as a consultant and coach.

I offer my systemic perspective, experience, and methodological expertise to effectively support transformation and development processes, co-create solutions, change viewpoints, and activate resources.

I live in Kufstein (Tyrol) with my wife and three children. Mountain climbing, mountain biking, yoga, and being active in nature are my sources of inspiration and strength.