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Martin Graemer

Managing Consultant,
ComTeam AG, Germany

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About me

Born in 1967 in Northern Germany. Following my studies in Business Administration in Giessen, Trier, and Maastricht, I worked in organizational development and human resources management. For over 15 years, I led – primarily international – HR organizations within the automotive, electrical, and medical technology industries. During this time, I managed numerous change processes in responsible roles, ranging from mergers, the introduction of new production concepts, culture shifts, and strategy implementations, to the relocation of sites. I was always captivated by the intersection between individuals, organizations, and their professional roles, leading me to transition to consulting in 2010.

In supporting our clients, an analytical and implementation-focused approach is as crucial to me as process and methodology expertise, coupled with a present and open attitude.

I have pursued extensive further education in process facilitation, including certifications as a Senior Coach (DBVC and IOBC), systemic team developer (ISB), systemic process manager (ComTeam), systemic solution-oriented consultant (including from Steve de Shazer), and in large-group moderation (zur Bonsen). My working languages are German and English.