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Jacqueline Jorgas

Leadership & Agile Coach
Collaboration Partner at ComTeamGroup

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About me

Born in 1980 in Nuremberg, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with various further trainings in agile organizational development, New Work, transactional analysis, and leadership coaching.

Over a decade ago, as an emerging leader in the automotive sector, I had the firsthand experience of transitioning to agile methodologies. Despite initial skepticism, I realized that these “modern” frameworks not only function for business, enabling response to market changes, but they also meet the needs of employees for autonomy and self-organization, thereby creating an environment conducive to personal development.

Since then, my passion has been to support individuals and organizations in trying out and implementing new working methods, empowering them to become better versions of themselves.

In my role as a Leadership & Agile Coach, I have gained extensive experience across a variety of sectors, in diverse national and international firms, and within the non-profit sector. I lead and support transformation processes with a focus on people. Effective leadership and a healthy culture of dealing with errors and feedback are crucial for me, as they foster a motivating work attitude that has an impact. I also enjoy supporting English-speaking teams.

My home base is in Stuttgart, and thanks to digitalization, sometimes in Mallorca, my favorite island. In my leisure time, I love traveling to new places, being in nature, and I’m usually accompanied by a book.