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Heide Straub

Founder ComTeam AG

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About me

Heide Straub, co-founder of ComTeam AG, retired from her active role as a consultant in mid-2021.

I was born in 1949 in Freiburg im Breisgau.

My career began with training and work as an occupational therapist, followed by leadership roles in therapeutic residential communities. This was complemented by further education in Hakomi, systemic family therapy for organizations, and mediation.

I gained leadership experience as a member of the ComTeam executive board, which also included managing our hotel – embracing all the challenges and rewards that come with a leadership role.

I focused primarily on coaching, team development, mediation, as well as training for leadership programs and ComTeam’s coaching and mediation advanced training – all diverse fields in consultancy, full of variety and challenges. I live with my husband in Munich, where ComTeam was founded in 1974.

For personal enjoyment, I am a cook, baker, cyclist, avid reader, and I love to travel.