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Dr. Georg Wolfgang

CEO of Culturizer GmbH

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About me

Born in Munich in 1981, I became a consultant and trainer at ComTeam AG in 2010 and have been the Managing Director of Culturizer GmbH since February 2018.

During my seven-plus years as a consultant with ComTeam, I specialised in large and complex change processes. The design of corporate culture has also been a focal point of my work. I played a conceptual role in the creation and development of the Culture Profile Indicator® and have led numerous large and small culture development processes as a consultant.

Since 2017, I’ve been driving the digitization of our cultural approach. This led to the creation of Culturizer®, and now I am fully engaged as the Managing Director and partner of Culturizer GmbH, focusing on the further development of our product portfolio as well as the sales and positioning of this new brand.

Before joining ComTeam, I spent several years in various roles at BMW. I also hold a PhD in strategic management and currently lecture at a university.

In my private life, I cherish the time spent with my wife and our two children. I express my passion for sports by kitesurfing in the summer and telemark skiing in the winter.