Annette Schmitt-Kestel

Coaching Beratung Training

Altenburger Straße 85
96049 Bamberg

Mobile: +49 176 3143 1269

Coaching training:

  • 2008–2010: Certified coach, Hephaistos – Coaching-Zentrum München (Munich Coaching Centre) 
  • 2013–2015: Gestalt therapy training, Zentrum für Gestalttherapie (Centre for Gestalt Therapy), Würzburg

Additional training:

  • Certified training in bioenergetic exercises, Werner Bock 
  • 2012–2017: Physical psychotherapy, Würzburg 
  • Transactional analysis, organisational development, communication theories

Certified by:
German Federal Association of Executive Coaching/DBVC 2010

Professional background/experience:

  • 2012–present: Freelance/self-employed coach 
  • 30 years of practical experience in a major German bank, including 15 years as manager/director in a traditional leadership position (branch manager) and participation in projects for customer communication and organisational development, employee coaching and training 
  • 1992–present: Lecturer and academic at institutions for adult education

Focus topics:

  • Support and guidance in complex decision-making situations 
  • Reflection on personal style and management style, as well as personal action maxims 
  • Identification of action areas and problem areas 
  • Joint development of authentic strategies for:
    –Strengthening existing resources
    –Improving the existing styles of management/behaviour/communication

Target group:
Managers and employees at all levels of the hierarchy, self-employed workers, company owners

Guidelines for my work/my personal mindset:
My consulting/coaching style is influenced by my many years of practical experience in the financial/business worlds, as well as my education and training in a range of humanistic theories (psychology/communication). The focus of my working relationship with you is a respectful, reliable and open exchange that does not shy away from confrontation, with a clear focus on targets, and with humour spread throughout.
In my experience, I believe that coaching supports:
–Identifying of inhibitory practices
–Identifying, strengthening and competently utilising available resources
–Achieving/regaining independence/autonomy in actions and behaviour, and (further) developing authenticity

Methods and principles:

  • Detection of subconscious thinking/behavioural patterns, allowing the conscious implementation of change 
  • Development of questions relating to the observation of personal behaviour, with the aim of strengthening self-perception and opening up different courses of action 
  • Applying role play, supportive methodological/theoretical input and feedback

Based in:
Germany-wide, particularly southern Germany, Berlin and Hamburg

Coaching is available in the following languages:

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