Andrea Bandt

Managing Director
ComTeam 9p GmbH, Germany

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About me

Born in 1967, business economist with extensive further training in systemic coaching, systemic consulting and project methods

After completing my studies in business administration, I worked in the industry for more than ten years, five of which were spent in a managing role. My business experience and my passion for leadership, strategy, culture and change feed into my work today as a business coach, organisation consultant and trainer. I am also a teaching coach at Institut Organisation und Management (Institute of organisation and management) at the Free University of Berlin. My work is therefore rooted in practical experience, supplemented by a wide range of certified training and education.

I enjoy accompanying my clients on a journey of discovery towards relevant difference and the emerging future. In this sense, for me consulting is about creating a space in which all potential, strengths and skills can be uncovered. It is also about shaping an energetic, co-creative process.

Outside of my normal field of activity, providing support to children and young people in education and training is something that is close to my heart. And when I am not working, I can usually be found doing arts and crafts – a hobby that brings me great pleasure.

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