Alexander Gottein

CEO, Partner
ComTeam AG, Germany

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About me

As chairman of ComTeam AG I fully subscribe to our slogan "success through change".

To me, this slogan means constantly reviewing, recreating and extending our consulting and training services. Our main goal is to give our interventions the greatest impact possible. This understanding connects me with all employees at ComTeamGroup. For internal changes, this principle counts as well: I have the aspiration for ComTeam to remain a benchmark for successful development.

In my profession as consultant and trainer of ComTeam AG, I take pleasure in supporting and transforming personal and organizations’ strengths into being continuously capable of handling their present and future challenges.

Creating and finding effective interventions in training or consulting situations – this is what my consultant’s heart beats for. Regardless of whether those interventions are planned long-term and systematically or generated for spontaneous necessity.

I live in Tyrol with my family and enjoy spending my free time with them, with friends or sports

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