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Alexander Gottein

CEO, Partner
ComTeam AG, Germany

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About me

As CEO of ComTeam AG, I wholeheartedly commit to our philosophy of “Success through Change.”

For me, this signifies a continuous process of revising, innovating, and expanding our consulting and training services to ensure the maximum impact of our interventions. This approach resonates with all members of the ComTeam Group.

I maintain the expectation that ComTeam sets the standard for successful development, even when it comes to our own changes.

In my role as a consultant and trainer at ComTeam AG, I take delight in leveraging the strengths of individuals and organizations to positively address present and future challenges.

Discovering effective interventions, whether in a training or consulting setting, is my passion. Whether it is through systematic planning and development, or a spontaneous response to an emergent need – both drive me forward.