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Andreas Gärtner

Senior Consultant,
Cooperation Partner at ComTeam AG, Deutschland

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About me

What drives me is supporting people and organizations in their change processes, and I am thrilled by working in dynamic environments!

In this endeavour, my clients benefit from my extensive leadership experience in organizations of various types (corporate, SMEs, private equity, public service) and my empathetic yet demanding view of the multifaceted requirements placed on the involved individuals. System complexity is a part of modern work environments, and perceiving and acknowledging this is, in my experience, an integral part of sustainable solution-finding.

After 10 years of working in the social sector, I switched to the human resources sector of German and American corporations and companies owned by private equity with my second degree in psychology. In 2018, I rounded out my profile with an MBA from the Quadriga University in Berlin. Additional training and education include supervision, Liberating Structures, and ongoing business coaching. Besides my work as a consultant, facilitator, and coach, I also teach at the Hochschule Main (Human Resource Management).

Raised in the Münsterland, I have lived in Frankfurt/Main for over 20 years and, with my wife and two children, enjoy the city’s internationality, urbanity, and at the same time, its manageability.