Designing structured, efficient and solution-oriented workshops and meetings
Clarifying, fighting, negotiating, agreeing, discussing, reviewing, presenting, planning, demonstrating commitment – these are what make workshops exciting and productive – and well-trained moderators a necessity.

The role of the moderator needs two things: human depth and methodological width. Human depth means firstly the intrinsic attitude that we like to describe as impartiality; secondly, it means the sensitivity that enables moderators to recognise what the right and helpful thing is at any given time. Once what is needed is clear, it then depends on how it is implemented. This is where the methodological width comes into play. After all, if a hammer is all you have, then every problem becomes a nail.


Workshop moderation

Design workshops efficiently and with solutions in mind

You're in a role where you help teams or groups to come up with good solutions together. Those involved have different interests and occupy various levels in the hierarchy. Be it in a detached workshop, a change or team development process, a private meeting or even a large event: You must plan the structure of discussions, manage systematically and enable lasting results. This seminar gives you the opportunity to gain practical and transferable experience in mastering such situations, also exposing the limits of a standardised approach to moderation methods.


Successfully implementing work orders

Being clear is half the battle

If you understand the order clearly then you can plan successful measures and ensure that everyone is happy. By having a precisely clarified order, you can ensure clear contents and a goal-oriented approach. You can be entirely sure that you have recommended the right thing, and that benefits everyone: management, employees, the company, and you. 


Design-thinking seminar

Developing creative potential and preparing innovative solutions

Advancing digitalisation and the associated increased development speed of new products and services require a new and agile culture of innovation in organisations. Do you want to know what's behind the buzzword "design thinking" and to what extent this method can form a basis for a culture of innovation in your company?

In this seminar, which is carried out over two and a half days, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how the design thinking method works, how you can use it to give scope for innovation and what an agile culture of innovation can mean for you and your company. As well as learning the methods themselves, the seminar also focuses on the associated mindset.


Online workshop moderation

Design participatory and efficient online workshops

The classic workshop formats are not being left behind by the digitalisation of the working world: In your role, you are faced with the challenge that it is not always possible or useful to bring a group together in one place. Managing the available technologies competently is important but, by itself, this is not enough to create effective, vibrant online workshops. On the contrary, a well-established understanding of the role of the online moderator, plus the psychological and methodological distinctions of virtual collaboration, is absolutely essential. This seminar enables you to expand your moderation and consultancy competence in the virtual world.


Training course

Change consultant training course

Series of training courses for HR professionals, consultants, trainers and leaders of communication and change processes

With the latest knowledge, experienced instruction and effective training, individuals, teams, projects and organisations achieve their goals. This series of training courses offers anyone working in consulting, training or projects the essential tools required for providing professional supervision. 

The training course bundles together the concepts and methods that originate from moderation methodology, systemic consulting techniques and project management and are taken from our comprehensive range of subjects.


In-house: training competence for experts

Tailor-made competence
We offer all of our seminars and training programmes as in-house corporate events. Get in touch with us – we will be pleased to advise you.

A practical example:

Consulting: moderating workshops and events

ComTeam is familiar with all forms of moderating and supervising closed-door sessions, workshops, team workshops, events, forums and meetings – whether with five or 500 participants. Designing and moderating events is a core business for consultants.

Examples from line and project management:

Information and consulting

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