Judith Hildebrecht

Tel: +49 8022 96660

Email: J.Hildebrecht@comteamgroup.com

Coaching training:
Integrative coaching training at Hephaistos — Coaching-Zentrum München (Munich Coaching Centre) (based on the standards of the DBVC [Deutscher Bundeseverband Coaching — German Federal Association of Executive Coaching])

Additional training:
Transactional analysis, gestalt therapy, conflict management

Professional background/experience:
Many years of experience as a senior consultant in the area of HR development, many years of coaching experience with corporate customers and private clients

Focal points as a coach:
Management, collaboration, conflict, self-management and self-efficacy, breaks and change processes, dealing with crisis

Methods and principles include:
Systemic consulting, gestalt therapy, transactional analysis, dialogue-based consulting

Based in:
Southern Germany, with a focus on Augsburg, Munich and surrounding areas

Coaching is available in the following languages:

My personal mindset:
Change is normal, but facing it is still a challenge. I am certain that with professional challenges, changes and upheavals, it pays to take the time to pause instead of freeze, and to make conscious plans instead of rushing in. My task as a coach is to mentor people through these processes with appreciation, clarity and a focus on the goals.

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