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Corporate Culture & Mindset

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Cultural Change and Mindset Development as Key Success Factors

Whether in the context of digital transformation, agilisation, new work or in the context of new management guidelines: Corporate culture is increasingly being recognised as a key factor when it comes to the success of transformation and change processes. After all, agility does not work without the right mindset. This means that initiatives designed to provide answers to a VUCA world quickly reach their limits. Corporate culture is also becoming an important competitive factor in tight labour markets. It can act both as sand in the gears and as a lubricant in the organisational engine.
Empirical studies also confirm the close connection between a good corporate culture and the financial profitability of a company.

Shaping culture is therefore a central management task – and at the same time brings with it many challenges. Guiding principles can provide orientation here: actually, translating them into tangible action is another matter entirely.

We support you in all Phases of your Cultural Transformation


ComTeam culture profiles

Approach for diagnosing and creating target images of organisational cultures


Culture Profile Indicator

Tactile tool for measuring and operationalising organisational cultures



The agile culture process: Framework for implementing target cultures and integrating cultural work into everyday operations



Digital solutions to support and scale all phases of cultural development

We support all areas of the development of your corporate culture: from the targeted change of individual mindset aspects to company-wide cultural processes.  

With our subsidiary Culturizer GmbH, we also have digital cultural development tools that enable the efficient scaling of cultural processes, even in large organisations.

We support you in all Phases of your Cultural Change

Corporate culture analysis
Corporate culture must be measurable and discussable in both the ACTUAL and TARGET state to be able to be shaped. Otherwise, the impression of the vague and esoteric remains. With our analogue and digital tools, you can carry out an assessment in a dialogue-based process – in principle or based on guidelines that have already been formulated. Of course, we are also happy to use other sources such as employee surveys, which we can design individually with you or we use those you already have in place.

Target culture design and mission statement development
We support you in the design and operationalisation of your target culture – in line with your strategy, participation-oriented and structured. Mission statements do not guarantee that behaviour will change – but if they are well embedded in the process of cultural change, they can provide important guidance. We help you to identify, distil, formulate, and communicate the relevant content.

Implementing and consolidating cultural change in everyday life
Especially in cultural processes: walk the talk. All relevant (hierarchical) levels must actively participate in the discussion and implementation process. In this way, cultural work is anchored where the change needs to take place effectively. Our kult:agil framework takes all the necessary aspects into account to transform a target culture into collective behavioural change.

With our tools, we ensure that work on cultural change is carried out efficiently and in a way that conserves resources. And that many small, quickly realisable measures ensure immediate moments of success. With regular measurements and reviews.

Cultural Change with ComTeam - Further Formats

Designing a decentralised mindset

A company-wide cultural initiative is not always the driver of cultural development. It is often individual (business) units that need and want to realise a changed mindset. With our “Culture & Mindset Shift” programme, we provide support with concrete action, a high level of participation, a lean process, and a tangible timeline.

Content for specific mindset topics

Whether it’s error culture, diversity & inclusion, personal responsibility, meeting culture or networking: we support key cultural topics with interactive content. Teams work on and concretise important cultural aspects.

Culture Change Seminar: "Culture to Success"

In this open ComTeam seminar, you will find answers to your culture questions. Three days of in-person training, buddy post-work, and culture project sparring will equip you with solid cultural expertise, as well as principles and tools for immediate application – the ‘proof in the pudding’ for cultural projects. Please note that our seminar is conducted exclusively in German.

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Culture Sparring

Benefit directly from 25 years of cultural development experience. Get targeted sparring and support for your individual cultural project through one-on-one conversations, both in person and digitally.

Consulting duration: typically 3 x 2 hours

Culture Hacks

Our Culture Hacks playfully, effectively, and with minimal time investment, support teams in their cultural work. Through minimally invasive interventions, they further develop your culture. The ComTeam Culture Hacks ensure that culture remains a focus at the team level.

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Is your cultural change process not running smoothly and you want to know what could be the reason? We offer you a checklist for a preliminary diagnosis. In a subsequent 2-hour online meeting with an experienced consultant, you will receive suggestions and impulses for corrective interventions.

Focus Friday

This hour is explicitly not about day-to-day business, figures, or release changes for executives, but about a change of perspective, topics to strengthen your own resilience, suggestions on how to deal with employees or the famous view beyond your own backyard. With ComTeam content or your own contributions.

30 minutes for orientation

We are happy to take the time to talk with you about current challenges in your organization. This will give us an initial assessment of where the topic of cultural change and mindset is particularly affecting you right now.

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