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Success through Change

ComTeam Consulting specialises in the design of transformation and change processes. Whether organisational, cultural, or strategic issues – we are experts in procedural concepts and the appropriate interventions. We structure, plan, moderate, qualify, coach, encourage, accelerate, and slow down. Sometimes we also mediate. We are experienced experts in change management consulting and bring clarity and certainty to your process. With tools that suit the people and culture in your organisation.

Uniting our Consultancy: Transformation and Change Processes

When discussing change support, the general understanding strongly focuses on the sociodynamic aspect of changes. Typically, “change initiatives” have a relatively clear target image, which can be achieved with a clear roadmap and corresponding milestones. The central question is, how do I get from A to B, and which change interventions help in this process?

Transformation processes, on the other hand, involve more than just changing an organization from A to B. Transformations often describe a more ‘permanent’ process within the context of general change. They usually entail very comprehensive change processes with high complexity. Relevant factors include new control principles and power structures, degrees of freedom, self-organisation, and a more radical focus on customer benefit. This often goes hand in hand with new business models and the adaptation of an organisation’s function and DNA. These processes require an even closer integration of strategy, organisation/structure, and culture, an evolution of the procedural logic (flexibility, push-pull, forward versus backward integration), as well as a deeper business understanding from process support and change management consultancy.

Typical Change Processes in our Change Management Consulting:

  • A large IT service provider is aligning itself more towards an end-to-end (E2E) approach. We support areas and departments in this new comprehensive orientation.
  • A business unit of a chemical corporation is integrating two business fields. We accompany the leadership level and the project organisation.
  • An insurance company wants to realign leadership and collaboration. We support this cultural process.
  • A trading company is introducing a new collaboration model in the HR area. We accompany the process at all levels.
  • A family-owned pharmaceutical company has become a corporation, now it needs a common cultural alignment, new forms of global collaboration, and a focus on identity.
  • A metalworking company wants to align itself to be more agile and customer-centric. Initial initiatives and qualifications were not sustainable; now it was time to initiate a “Re-Start”.
  • An energy provider must align its overall business to be sustainable and carbon neutral. For this, a new mindset and self-image were developed, and processes and procedures were implemented.
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In addition, we accompany, support, moderate, and provide qualification for:
  • Leadership circles on a regular and ongoing basis
  • Teams in their development
  • Large-scale events and happenings
  • Departments in their development and reorientation
  • Internal cross-sectional functions that support change processes (change teams, HR specialists, business process owners, etc.) and leaders in the context of change and transformation
  • And we are also very happy to be coaches/sparring partners for executives and internal process facilitators (project people, change managers, agile coaches, and internal change management consultants)

30 minutes for your orientation

We are happy to take the time to talk to you about current challenges in your organisation. This allows us to gain an initial assessment of the current focus you need in change management consulting.

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