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Leadership Development

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Learning everything about leadership is not just about using the “right” methods and tools. Leadership means more: This role requires the courage to engage with oneself and others. It requires new perspectives and paths, empathy, trust-building attitudes, clear communication, and meaning-making. Thus, employees can stay engaged and perform even through challenging times and change.

We believe leadership can only be conceptualized in the direct working environment of the leader. The appropriate design of the environment and leadership culture is a prerequisite. That’s why we also work on these factors – in reflection in presence seminars and in anchoring in everyday work.

We build your development steps together: with elicited content and learning settings that fit you. In implementation, we remain flexible in themes and processes. This ensures effectiveness and sustainability in your development measures. Our trainings specialize in training young leaders and developing leadership further (Essences of good leadership) and addressing special leadership demands (Leading in special situations).

Essences of good leadership

Initially, leadership lives from competence in technical matters. But only those who are visible as a personality, communicate convincingly, and have productivity under control have a lasting impact. 

At the centre of every leadership task is the leadership personality. Leadership must be perceived vertically and laterally. Relying on the position is not enough. To succeed as a leader, one must be clear in intentions, congruent in behaviour, and consistent in actions. This requires both the ability to self-reflect and the necessary tools. 

We empower your leaders in these core areas so they can achieve goals with people. Among others, we have designed and facilitated programs and seminars on the following topics:

  • Leadership personality
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Power and responsibility
  • Leading effectively
  • Solving conflicts effectively

Leading in special situations

Good leadership is always a challenging task. And some circumstances can make this task even more challenging: 

Do you lead an intercultural team that is possibly scattered around the world? Do you not have your own team, but work shares of people from other teams? Additionally, are you perhaps organized agilely? Is your organization being turned upside down again? And everyone threatens to lose their footing? Whatever your company’s leadership challenges may be, we find the right mix for your training project. 

Our own leadership experience and as leadership trainers and consultants give you certainty: We know what we are talking about. We create the curriculum together with you – or you simply tell us what you envision. We make appropriate, tailored suggestions for you. Among others, we have designed and facilitated programs and seminars on the following topics:

  • Leading in an intercultural environment
  • Lateral leadership
  • Leading virtual teams
  • Leading in an agile environment
  • Hybrid teams. Leadership, virtual and in presence

Programmes for every level of your leadership experience

Young leaders or experienced executives: We have the right formats for every career stage.

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