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Trainings and Programmes for Internal Consultants


Inhouse consultants ...

Inhouse consultants often have very specific ideas. How should they develop? What tools do they need? For which situations should they be trained?

... are in good hands with us.

We have accompanied many inhouse consultants in trainings and know the relevant challenges and solutions. We are always successful when we:

  • Convey concrete tools
    In order to make inhouse consultants fit for working with the respective customers, specific know-how is required. For example, we create a toolbox with a selection for various use cases during the course of the training.
  • Give as much room for attitude as for tools
    The attitude with which inhouse consultants operate is crucial for subsequent success. For example, we provide specific feedback on the attitude that often becomes apparent in practice situations. This opens up a space for reflection and an alert view of one’s own position.
  • Provide plenty of space for practicing and trying things out
    Really doing something different, really trying something new – this works best in a safe space. For example, we incorporate many exercise sequences with feedback from peers and trainers.
  • Provide opportunities for networking

    In order to be able to fall back on a community that supports each other later on, we ensure a lot of exchange and trust-building in the program. This is because the experiences of others also objectify our own actions and give them a framework outside of our own evaluation.

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