Cultural Development

Productivity as the control factor
Culture is the true controlling mechanism of any organisation and is apparently very difficult to change systematically. We can help you to bring about a purposeful development of your corporate culture.

All the processes and systems within an organisation are optimised and yet it is still not running smoothly. It is at this point, if not before, that the subject of culture pops up.

We assist you, with regard to methodology and content, to recognise and optimise the cultural dynamics at work in your company and to open up discussion about them. To this end, we can fall back on years of experience working with cultures that we have converted into methods, tools and our practical consulting work. We give you the competence you need to actively shape cultural development and to adjust it to your specific requirements.

"We offer systematic approaches to develop cultures in a targeted way."
Dr Tanja Haupt, Consultant and Trainer, ComTeam AG

Cultural development seminar

NEW: Make corporate culture measurable and adaptable

Dialogue-oriented and tool-based cultural development

For decades, we have been both explicitly and implicitly working on corporate culture in the form of several change processes. As a result, we have developed tools such as the Culture Profile Indicator® and the brand new Culturizer®. Both are an integral part of our tried-and-tested agile cultural process kult:agil®.
In our two-day seminar, we will teach you the basics of corporate cultural development. Where and how you can use our new digital tool and how to embed it within the overall process are important parts of the event.


NEW: Designing complex cultural processes

Setting up and sustainably facilitating cultural developments

Have you already begun the cultural development processes as an internal or external consultant? Here you will learn how to set up company-wide cultural processes, how to develop a roadmap and how to take the relevant context into account. You will expand your "cultural tool kit" with appropriate interventions and formats for sustainably facilitating a cultural change.


In-house: examples of cultural training

Tailor-made competence
We offer all of our seminars and training programmes as in-house corporate events. Get in touch with us – we will be pleased to advise you.

A practical example: Corporate change culture

Consulting: cultural development

No merger has ever failed because of technicalities. But many have failed because of cultural incompatibility. We have at our disposal many tools and proven formats for working on cultures and getting people from different cultures to work together. In this regard, work on the rules and regulations that define a culture is more than merely "nice to have". This is because the soft facts are the grease in the project motor – or the spanner in the works.

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