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Workshops und Events

We support you with professional moderation and facilitation

Design meetings, workshops and events that make a difference with ComTeam

How can participation work without jeopardising the agility of the organisation? How do we make complex decisions together? How can we get creative together despite the hectic pace of operations? What makes the solutions we develop binding and how is responsibility organised so that everyone knows what they must do?

With ComTeam moderation, we provide answers to these questions and organise meetings, workshops and events that make a difference and facilitate sustainable solutions. We offer a way of thinking that incorporates the emotions and viewpoints of all participants and support a working culture that develops sustainable decisions, creates transparency about shared and differing perspectives and strengthens the personal responsibility of all participants. We are moderation professionals and organise workshops with a broad range of expertise that includes tried-and-tested procedures as well as innovative methods from agility and New Work.

As experienced specialists, we are there for you:

  • We carefully clarify goals and opportunities in advance
  • We develop designs that deliver results in terms of content and atmosphere
  • We meet you with flexibility for your situation, whether for 5 or 50 or 500 participants

Occasions and events

ComTeam is familiar with all forms of management and facilitation of retreats, team workshops, events, forums, and meetings, whether with 5 or 500 participants. Designing and moderating events is particularly important to us and is part of our daily practice.

Examples from Teams

Leadership conference

150 managers come together twice a year to discuss strategic issues and leadership culture. The event is framed by individual event elements. Preparatory meetings are held in advance with the Management Board members, the conference team and individual key players.

Workshop conference

Twice a year, a divisional manager takes time out from his day-to-day work with his next management level. On the one hand, he wants to discuss and advance important conceptual topics, but on the other hand he also wants to reflect on the current cooperation within the management team.

Team start

Two departments have been merged. The focus is on getting to know each other, mutual expectations, questions of work organisation and cooperation, as well as the direction of the new unit. It is important to find a common identity and thus create a new sense of unity.

Examples from the Project

Assignment clarification workshop

The preliminary discussion has taken place, the project manager has sorted the findings and derived initial procedural concepts from them. The project manager now ensures that the initial situation, the objectives, and the procedure are discussed in an extended circle with the client, those affected and those involved.

Kick-off or launch workshop

The mandate has been approved by the core team and the roadmap and objectives for the overall process have been formulated. What now follows is the step towards the relevant organisational public. This involves working, conceptualising, and discussing the change process with the relevant stakeholders.

Participation workshop

The work or project teams work on their work packages, analyses are carried out, criteria are defined, alternatives are discussed, and the first steering committee meetings are held. This is the time to involve relevant stakeholders or groups in the development of the solution.

30 minutes for your assessment

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