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Strategy and Purpose at ComTeam

Strategy and Mission: Perspectives for the Future

Developing a strategy and formulating a clear mission statement are crucial for bridging the gap between a company’s current state and its desired future. These elements play a key role by setting direction, providing clarity, and uniting collective efforts within an organisation.

It is essential that they offer sufficient flexibility and adaptability to withstand the challenges of an increasingly unpredictable and complex world, without becoming obstacles to progress and development.

ComTeam Consulting for your strategy development and purpose work

Top management plays a crucial role in the development and ongoing evolution of a strategy. At the same time, all levels of the organisation must be considered and involved from the outset, as they are the ones who will significantly implement the strategy and bring the resulting mission statements to life. This necessitates an integrated approach to strategy development and implementation.

Strategy with purpose: more than just numbers
Genuine strategies inspire enthusiasm by looking beyond technocratic goals. Simon Sinek’s “Why” highlights that employees seek meaning beyond KPIs – a core objective like “We want to become a 2-billion-euro company” is not enough. It’s about deeper purpose, not ‘purpose-washing’.

Strategies must be dynamic, adaptable, and understood as part of a continuous change process. Tools like OKRs or Balanced Scorecards ensure regular adjustments and conscious guidance, keeping the strategy alive and relevant.