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Personality and Leadership at ComTeam


Expand your leadership competence with ComTeam

In a changing work environment, leaders are challenged. They are not only managers or problem solvers but also leaders, change managers, agile coaches, and much more. ComTeam supports you in mastering the multifaceted role requirements and living your leadership competence authentically and powerfully.

Our tailored leadership development programs and seminars are designed to bring you and your team forward in specific leadership situations, whether through in-house training or our academy formats.

Leadership Inhouse trainings

Tailored Leadership formats

Essentials of Good Leadership: We work with you on the core areas of leadership. Achieve your goals through clear communication, empathy, and a trust-building attitude, guiding your employees through challenging times. Our offerings cover topics such as leadership personality, mindful leadership, power and responsibility, effective leadership, and conflict resolution.

Leading in Special Situations: We understand the challenges of intercultural teams, agile organizations, or fundamental restructurings. Our programs are designed to support you in these unique leadership situations and sustainably strengthen your leadership culture.

Leadership Academy formats

Leadership Essentials & Personality

Leadership Essentials | Next Level for Leadership Competence: For new leaders or those facing a change in role, we offer our “Leadership Essentials” program. This program focuses on the essential skills and knowledge you need to optimally develop your leadership role.

Leadership Personality: We offer seminars that address personal effectiveness in leadership roles. Topics include “Influencing as a Leader,” “Leading in Times of Change,” “Team Leadership and One-on-One Leadership,” as well as “Power and Responsibility in the Workplace” and “Presence and Impact.”

Please note: Our seminars in the ComTeam Academy are conducted only in German. 

Our services for your personal development

Your personality as an effective tool at work: We enhance your inner clarity and self-awareness.
At ComTeam, we have been guiding you on your journey of personal development for 50 years. We know that true strength arises from understanding oneself and one’s roles in the professional environment. Our inhouse trainings and academy seminars focus on enabling you to consciously and thoughtfully use your personality as a tool – for clarity, effectiveness, and fulfilment in your professional role. The idea that we interact within and build upon a social net is central to our approach.

Personality Inhouse trainings

Practical competence in the professional role

Self-perception and action competence: We combine professional self-reflection with a business-oriented approach to expand your repertoire of action options. We support you in gaining flexibility, confident composure, and effectiveness.

Relationship building and conflict resolution skills: Our trainings and programs are designed to help you actively shape your professional roles and achieve sustainable effectiveness. We assist you in mastering the diverse demands of working life and in strengthening personal competencies such as relationship building and self-management.

Personality Academy formats

Extend your professional perspective

In our open academy, you will find a wide range of topics, including behavioural reflection in a professional context, the subject of power and responsibility, and dealing with your own effectiveness in conflict situations. These and other formats are designed to help you become more familiar with specific aspects of your personality. Additionally, we offer various seminars and programs tailored to specific professional challenges and situations.

Please note: Our seminars in the ComTeam Academy are conducted only in German.