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Our approach to business coaching

Individual support in professional challenges

Guidance and support in professional matters

Business coaching operates within the framework of professional roles and tasks. In this context, coaching is professional guidance for clarification, decision-making, and implementation. Because we take this responsibility very seriously, we have clear guidelines and approaches with which we work and which ensure our high consulting quality.

There are no off-the-shelf pieces of advice: for us, coaching means working systematically, with a focus on resources and solutions. We use cognitive, emotional, and body-oriented methods and techniques. Your coach accompanies, asks, intervenes, and sets impulses – you find the solution within yourself.

Our approach to business coaching

At ComTeam, our work is guided by an attitude of appreciation, respect, and clarity towards individuals and organizations. This approach shapes our self-understanding and our role in coaching, consulting, and project work.

In business coaching, we do not approach with preconceived “off-the-shelf” solutions. Instead, we see our role as creating the initial conditions for development and change. In this process, we provide assistance that empowers self-help. Decision-making and responsibility for the process remain with our coachee/client. If, over time, we as coaches become superfluous, then we have fulfilled our task: and that is an intended effect.

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Our methodology in business coaching

Whether in advisory coaching or our business coaching training programme: we build on the resources and strengths of our coachees or participants and work together to develop targeted solutions. We ensure the involvement of all relevant parties. Our approach is experiential and focuses on direct applicability. At ComTeam, application, teaching, and development go hand in hand and mutually enrich each other.

Implementation experience

We understand what works in companies and organizations, knowing the possibilities and limitations.

Quality assurance

Through regular surveys and reflections with our coachees and participants, we continuously ensure our quality. Internal and external supervisions support this.


We value originals and respect their uniqueness. We do not convey one-size-fits-all solutions, but support individual style. Because true impact comes from within.

Methods and personality

Methods and structure are important, but they are not everything. Role clarity and self-confidence, conflict resolution skills, and impartiality are also essential for the success of our work.

Understanding and ability

Each of our events provides targeted action competence, always with regard to the situation and the conditions in the companies of the coachees and participants.

Intensity in training

We focus on intensive work with small groups and typically two trainers, guaranteeing an immersive experience: in small groups and plenary sessions, on thematic walks, or evening discussions by the fireplace.

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