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NEWS: ComTeam Business coaching training is now acknowledged by the German Federal Association of Business Coaching. 

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From practice, for practice

Anyone who finds themselves at a time of change in their career needs a competent coach to help them make good decisions. With the ComTeam business coaching training course, you support people in your career environment in a professional way to resolve their situation and to discover and realise new perspectives and courses of action.

Business coaching means enabling people to solve problems and make good decisions themselves. A coach achieves this by creating an atmosphere of trust, asking the right questions, exchanging ideas in a productive way and, in so doing, opening up new horizons and opportunities.

Business coaching is a target- and solution-orientated consultation process in a career context. If you would like to become a qualified business coach, ComTeam can offer you a grounded business coaching training course that has been tried and tested in practice. During the course, you will learn from trainers who have been successful business coaches themselves for decades.


  • Coaching methods: use processes and discussion techniques proficiently
  • Create clarity: clarify situations systematically and plan the course of action
  • Organise processes: structure the series of sessions from the initial discussion to conclusion
  • Understand yourself: gain insight into your own strategies in stressful scenarios
  • Deal with conflict: learn to mediate in conflict situations and power struggles
  • Be power-conscious: acquire a nuanced understanding of power and responsibility
  • Assist in overcoming crises: give advice and support in crises and help to regain role identity and confidence


If you book the complete business coaching training course and pay on one invoice, you will receive all the modules for only EUR 11,900.00 (+ VAT + hotel). You do not have to make this decision until after your first seminar.
The package comprising the four advanced modules costs EUR 5900.00 (+ VAT + hotel); the certification costs EUR 1000.00 (+ VAT). Participants in the training course receive a 15% price reduction on the hotel costs.

The training course is structured as follows:
It consists of five seminars from our fields of expertise and four advanced coaching modules. In three of the seminars, we set questions and tasks as follow-up activities.
Between the advanced coaching modules, peergroups meet to practise with guided tasks. This promotes quality and deepens the course's learning value.
Subject-specific guests, like the Munich-based improvisational theatre group fastfood, a senior coach at board level and a crisis consultant, will supplement and enhance the advanced modules in a closed group.

Information and consulting

If you wish to book a place on the training course, please get in touch with our office:
phone: +49 8022 96660

If you have any questions regarding the content of the training course, feel free to get in touch:
Peter Kraushaar

Seminars, workshops and training courses in our academy in Gmund only take place in German. If you are interested in seminars or workshops in English, please contact our office.

Overview of the basic modules and advanced modules

Successfully implementing work orders

Being clear is half the battle

If you understand the order clearly then you can plan successful measures and ensure that everyone is happy. By having a precisely clarified order, you can ensure clear contents and a goal-oriented approach. You can be entirely sure that you have recommended the right thing, and that benefits everyone: management, employees, the company, and you.


Recognising behaviour, reflecting on behaviour

Communication style and personal behaviour in stressful situations

Every person is different, with different motives, perceptions and judgements. Being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes isn't easy, especially when things get heated. One person gets aggressive, another stands silent, the third is talking your ear off and the fourth simply takes off. If you can understand what pushes you to the edge and what triggers others, you can be free to behave as you wish to, not as you must.


Consulting and coaching

Lead one-on-one conversations professionally

Some conversations are a waste of time; others go really well and help bring about change. The difference: methods which develop your ability to conduct discussions and strengthen their impact. In this module, you will learn how to establish stable working relationships and achieve reliable resolutions. You will practise how to structure in a goal-oriented manner, how to create an encouraging environment, how to overcome hurdles and how to reach a binding conclusion. You will be able to establish new perspectives and find solutions that suit your clients and their context using your own cases.



Pragmatic conflict resolution

Conflicts happen every day. However, they often lead to deadlocks, stall progress and lead to trust problems. Mediation helps in achieving quick and clear agreements, which both parties can live and work with together.

In this seminar, you will learn to identify different points of view, find underlying interests and negotiate viable solutions. You will practise in different groups, either in the role of a neutral mediator or as one of two affected parties. You will be given instructions and demonstrations of the methods and go over both case studies and your personal situations.

The mediation methodology of the San Diego Mediation Center is taken as a basis.


Power 3.0

Present and responsible authority

When it comes to projects and leadership, not a day goes by when there aren't power struggles of some description, however strong they may be. If you know what you're like in positions of power then you're well on the road to being free, incorruptible and competent. 

In this seminar, you will reflect on your own ideas of power and responsibility, where they have come from and the effect they have when you move within hierarchies. You will consider your personal attitudes and values regarding power and responsibility, exploring your strategies for power and the lack of it. This can enable you to see clearly how you would like to use your personal power and responsibility in your roles and how you can use your personal presence to establish authority through your integrity.


Advanced coaching part 1

Coaching as a process

This module builds on the methods from "Consulting and coaching", "Mediation" and "Successfully implementing work orders" by focusing on the resilience principle: an individual's capacity for resilience when dealing with crises. Furthermore, two solution-orientated processes and how you deal with them are central topics.

You will work on specific cases from your practical field, so you will need actual scenarios from your daily working life.


  • Systematic questions and embedding them into the process
  • Coaching processes from brief therapy and solution focus
  • Personal handling of your own concern in discussions – role conflicts, multi-partiality
  • The resilience principle in coaching – what makes people strong

Organisational information
This module can only be booked together with part two, part three and part four.

Time: From 4.00 pm on 30/03/2020 to 1.00 pm on 02/04/2020, Gmund (Germany)
Trainer: Peter KraushaarBettina Riedel
Price: EUR 5900.00 (+ VAT + hotel) for all four modules

Advanced coaching part 2

Coaching and resistance

"My coachee is experiencing resistance." This module builds on "Recognising behaviour, reflecting on behaviour" and "Power 3.0". The focus is on dealing respectfully and constructively with various forms of resistance.


  • Functions and forms of resistance
  • The emergence of resistance from a neuroscientific viewpoint; the topic is supplemented by a short presentation from a guest in the evening
  • Signs and symptoms of resistance
  • Interventions for the relevant form of resistance

Organisational information
This module can only be booked together with part one, part three and part four.

Time: From 4.00 pm on 13/07/2020 to 1.00 pm on 16/07/2020, Gmund (Germany)
Trainer: Peter KraushaarHeide Straub
Price: EUR 5900.00 (+ VAT + hotel) for all four modules

Advanced coaching part 3

Coaching at times of change

When somebody loses their job or a project, when the body can no longer take the strain, or when muddled situations start to escalate, people find themselves in times of change and fundamental parts of their identity come under scrutiny.

In these cases, support means providing guidance through significant changes or crises. That is precisely the topic of this seminar. We work with a mixture of theory, exercises and in-depth application to individual cases.


  • Methods for overcoming crises
  • Systematic examination of crises
  • Belief systems regarding crises and fundamental changes
  • Processes for redeveloping identity, self-worth and capacity to act
  • Transference and countertransference

Organisational information
This module can only be booked together with part one, part two and part four.

Time series 2019 | 2020: From 4.00 pm on 28/10/2019 to 1.00 pm on 31/10/2019, Berlin (Germany)
Time series 2020 | 2021: From 4.00 pm on 19/10/2020 to 1.00 pm on 22/10/2020, Berlin (Germany)

Trainer: Peter KraushaarElke Lorenz
Price: EUR 5900.00 (+ VAT + hotel) for all four modules

Advanced coaching part 4

Coaching supervision and conclusion

With two days of live coaching and case supervision, you will have the time and space to reflect on and process the coaching situations.


  • Apply what you learn from the coaching training course to your own cases
  • Engage in supervision discussions based on the live coaching
  • Reflect on the coaching processes from a systematic, methodical and personal perspective
  • Get to the bottom of your individual "traps" and areas for improvement, and develop alternatives to the previous course of action
  • Complete the training course with personal reflection
  • Draw a conclusion

Organisational information
This module can only be booked together with part one, part two and part three.

Time series 2019 | 2020: From 4.00 pm on 22/01/2020 to 1.00 pm on 24/01/2020, Gmund (Germany)
Trainer: Peter Kraushaar, Heide Straub

Time series 2020 | 2021: From 4.00 pm on 13/01/2021 to 1.00 pm on 15/01/2021, Gmund (Germany)
Trainer: Peter Kraushaar, Elke Lorenz

Price: EUR 5900.00 (+ VAT + hotel) for all four modules

Coaching certification

Sit a final exam and obtain a certificate.

How you benefit: The certificate provides you with evidence of application and quality. It also helps you to improve your personal image.

What the certification covers: Transference and application of discussion/intervention methods, social and communication skills, systematic and solution-orientated work principles, personal attitude

Certification process — three steps:

  1. Discussion prior to certification: procedures, criteria, clarifying questions
  2. Practical phase: two case studies (with image and/or sound), two recommendations by two coachees (irrespective of the case studies), one recommendation by a leader/client
  3. Certification discussion with a ComTeam consultant

EUR 1000.00 (+ VAT)

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