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Programmes for young and experienced Leaders

Experience and development for each leadership step

Experience Requires the Right Training

Experienced leaders have often already completed many further education programs and trainings. They have experienced quite a bit in their previous professional positions, have mastered numerous leadership situations, and have also gathered life experience outside of the job.
Would you like to offer these leaders in your company an effective option? This can’t be done with off-the-shelf programs or with frontal lectures.

Experience: Also on our Side

In the last 20 years, we too have gathered experiences with numerous programs and leadership trainings. We are always successful when we:

  • Make offers
    We provide participants with a variety of topics from which they can choose. For example, several workshops taking place in parallel. Depending on relevance, everyone chooses which one to attend.
  • Deliver short inputs
    Experienced leaders are generally not very keen on lengthy presentations, but on the other hand, they need a framework for the topics. For example, the latest findings from brain research on stress.
  • Create time for exchange
    an integral part of our trainings, especially, since there is rarely an opportunity for exchange in the busy day-to-day. Wee nable discussions on the topic with different perspectives after the inputs.
  • Leave room for networking
    One of the most important goals of this type of leadership training. Meeting new people with different experiences from the same company, connecting, and using the contact in professional everyday life. For example, we make sure to involve other leaders as guests in the programs.
  • Integrate out of the box elements
    It is relevant to step out of the comfort zone occasionally. For example, we incorporate business actors who challenge the participants with their exercises
  • Give time for practising
    After many years of leadership, one has their own way of approaching certain things. To retest supposed basics in a safe environment is experienced as valuable. For example, we offer cases and conduct role-plays.
  • Enable change of perspective
    This is especially relevant in the later stages of one’s leadership journey. For instance, we conduct 360° feedback sessions and provide space for mutual feedback among peers in the group.

"There is not the one 'good leadership': Every leadership action has its price and benefits."

A New Role: Becoming a Manager

Young managers, new to the position, may have been in the same team before and are now experiencing a change of role. This step may happen in the first few years of their career, but it may also happen much later. For people in this role, it is often the first time they have taken part in a further education program or training course like this – so it must “hit the spot”. Would you like to ensure that this is the case and make an effective offer to your company’s new managers?

We are also Constantly Learning

Management training and programs for young managers require a specific focus. We are always successful when we:

  • Provide orientation
    New managers face many different impressions: their own previous leadership experiences in the profession, contact with leadership before the job, their own ideas of good leadership, and the company’s guidelines. We enable our participants to bring in all impressions and develop their own leadership style from them. For example, by engaging them with the company’s leadership guidelines.
  • Provide input on the key leadership topics
    Young managers need clarity on the basics. For example, input on motivation, exerting influence, conflict resolution and leadership models.
  • Leave room for networking
    It is valuable for the participants to experience that their peers have related topics and questions. Supporting each other – even outside the training setting – creates stability. For example, the group experiences this in practice through peer consulting.
  • Provide time to practice
    Everything that happens on the job is often under observation. This creates few opportunities to try things out, get feedback and try again in a different way. For example, we offer many practice situations with feedback and conduct role plays.
  • Address specific topics
    Becoming a leader from within your own team, having left a peer behind in the race for the position, the need to show more distance than before… these are just a few examples. In our management trainings, space is made to gain clarity.
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