Professional one-to-one consulting

When the time has come to take a critical look at how you act in your professional role – that is when coaching serves as your personal quality assurance. A purposeful clarification of the assignment and an atmosphere of trust are essential for successful coaching. Only with these elements in place is it possible to question specific subjects and working relationships and try out new and unusual approaches. Coaching creates motivation and orientation, produces new drive and the courage to take a different course.

Coaching is for those who want to get on, who want to find answers to important questions, who want to take on responsibility for themselves and their goals. At ComTeam you will find competent coaches with leadership experience, who know their way around corporations, both in a technical sense and with regard to different corporate cultures.

Our understanding of coaching

Coaching moves within the realm of professional roles and tasks. It is professional guidance and support for clarification, reflection, decision-making and implementation. Coaching helps people help themselves. There are no off-the-shelf tips or pieces of advice. You yourself decide how coaching will move you forward. The coach provides guidance and support through the coaching process. You find the solution.

Coaching creates motivation. With the help of coaching as ComTeam does it, people create orientation and drive in their professional environments. They recognise what they want and what they can do. They find the courage to follow new and perhaps unfamiliar paths. And after a skills assessment, you will have renewed energy for moving forwards.

You don't get coaching; you take it for yourself. CCoaching cannot be prescribed. Coaching is for people who have urgent questions and are looking for answers. There are often many different answers, one more urgent than the other, and this is where structured conversational guidance is useful. A coach helps you weigh things up and decide.

Coaching needs a framework. Coaching takes place over an agreed period and refers to an agreed objective. As the person involved, you have to be prepared to go with this process. There is a preliminary meeting to find out more about the process and the coach him/herself. The topic is also outlined in this meeting, and the coach then suggests an appropriate number of sessions.

The atmosphere counts. A trusting conversational atmosphere is an important prerequisite for a successful coaching process. Only then can things be questioned, new thoughts formed, and the unfamiliar tried out. We create a positive working atmosphere and maintain discretion. Conflicts and behaviour are worked through without blame and investigated for their sense and benefits. Personal interests and behavioural patterns become clear, and appropriate solutions with their implications in the professional environment are found.

Ensuring commitment. The coach enables you to review your behaviour systematically, in relation to the working environment and in the context of the organization. This helps you break out of routines, recognise manners of reacting, and gain a realistic view of your tasks, achieve clear orientation and extend your behavioural competence.

ComTeam coaches

When a ComTeam consultant coaches, you have someone who has management experience and knowledge of the business world, in technical/substantive terms as well as in questions of different corporate cultures.

There is a wide selection of coaches available: men and women, younger and older, and specialists in certain fields. We are happy to advise you on who is best suited for you and your topic.

Coaches – Southern Region

Nicole Detambel

"Having a neutral third party look at the same situation through a different lens is an effective way of opening the door to identifying dynamics"


Thomas Engelhardt

"Steering of managers in organisational change processes (reflection on the approach and on own role), enhancement of emotional and social competence in dealing with colleagues, employees and supervisors, support in difficult decision-making processes and much more."


Michael Haase

"I do not use ready-made, "off-the shelf" solutions. Rather, I believe it's my job to create the conditions in which development and change can take place. In doing so, I help people to help themselves. My work is characterised by an approach that demands appreciation, respect and clarity for people and organisations."


Jürgen Hecker

„My coaching philosophy is about strengthening resources and (further) developing expertise, actions and experiences.“


Judith Hildebrecht

„Change is normal, but facing it is still a challenge. I am certain that with professional challenges, changes and upheavals, it pays to take the time to pause instead of freeze, and to make conscious plans instead of rushing in. My task as a coach is to mentor people through these processes with appreciation, clarity and a focus on the goals.“


Arne Kramer

„Appreciative, with respect and attentiveness, benefit-oriented, structured, mindful and also provocative — in a supportive way. People make the best of their backgrounds to get the most out of situations in the given moment.“


Karin Krug

„Every question is important — only through communication can things be seen more clearly.“


Dimitrios Lorenz

„Seeking support for personal development is a strength, not a weakness!“


Bettina Riedel

„Personal self-assessment with some distance from the day-to-day routine enables a respectful and appreciative look at existing resources and the necessary additions to our own behavioural repertoire. I combine methodological, organisational and structural issues regarding the employee and leadership role with the self-reflection topics of power and (self-)responsibility, autonomy and belonging, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.“


Annette Schmitt-Kestel

„My consulting/coaching style is influenced by my many years of practical experience in the financial/business worlds, as well as my education and training in a range of humanistic theories (psychology/communication). The focus of my working relationship with you is a respectful, reliable and open exchange that does not shy away from confrontation, with a clear focus on targets, and with humour spread throughout. “


Rita Stadelmann

„I see myself as an air traffic controller who occasionally boards the plane to steer passengers through difficult times. The coachee is still the captain — I just use my specialist/methodological expertise and an outsider's perspective to guide them through particularly challenging or new "routes". This enables the manager to form new perspectives, and to develop and implement alternative courses of action. These successes strengthen a company internally so that they can have an effect externally.“


Heide Straub

„My understanding of coaching: Coaching is a form of quality assurance in everyday professional life. With coaching, people can achieve and maintain success. I have been coaching since 1988, and it still gives me a buzz.“


Katrin Troyer-Socher

„I like to work with all target groups — from individual employees to the management level of small and medium-sized enterprises. I specialise in working with managers who are new to their role.“


Cornelia Weber-Fürst

„Each person is a unique universe. Working on personal change means understanding and appreciating the logic of the personality. We develop inner freedom to achieve true autonomy and the essential orientation every human needs. Lead author of the book "Potenzialorientiertes Coaching" ("Coaching Potential"), Klett-Cotta, 2006 Coach trainer ICF coach assessor In the article "Den inneren Richter zum Verbündeten machen" (making your inner judge an ally), published in wirtschaft + weiterbildung 10, 2015, I explain how my coaching can enable you to achieve a specific change to your personal orientations.“


Franziska Winter

„Using motivation to strengthen skills!“


Andreas Wolf

„Attentiveness, respect, appreciation, encouraging others, rapidity, anybody can improve others' perceptions of themselves.“


Coaches – Western Region

Thomas Boysen

"Mit Klarheit Lösungen entwickeln, zum selbstverantwortlichen Entscheiden und selbst-bewussten Handeln ermutigen. Und ruhig mal etwas ausprobieren und neue Erfahrungen sammeln."


Martin Graemer

"Systemic approaches, solution and resources-based orientation, transactional analysis, NLP and mindfulness."


Kerstin Kromer

„I am passionate about incorporating "SolutionsFocus", i.e. solution-oriented thinking and actions, into my work. What is also important to me as a leader is authenticity, because I believe that the vigour for the role arises from individuality.“


Coaches – Northern Region

Andrea Bandt

„I like to laugh and work with humour!“


Franziska Klinger

„We point you in the direction of what lies ahead, helping you to forge the path to your goals. We reflect on challenging situations from your current day-to-day work and assign goals, tasks, roles and priorities, or form concrete ideas and wishes for the future of your career. I am happy to accompany you in probing and investigating the solutions you have developed, and to help in overcoming any obstacles. I will be your sparring partner, giving you space to discover and develop your specific skills and advising you with a clear perspective, interacting you with energy and as equals.“


Peter Kraushaar

„As a constructive non-conformist, it is important to me that I can enable my clients to be authentic in their deeds and actions. Moderation, keeping targets in focus, appreciation and humour are especially important to me. Positive change and new ideas emerge from the mind and through emotions, creating effective behavioural change. I love the contrast between tradition and modernity, between the hustle and bustle of a Latin American metropolis and the powerful silence of nature.“


Elke Lorenz

„Putting thinking and behaviour patterns to the test, questioning and providing support in exploring new avenues and extending individual windows of opportunity.”


Bettina Schäfer

„I get to the key issues in personal change processes very quickly, providing helpful and supportive stimuli for employees to go their own way. I am certainly very direct and can also be provocative in some circumstances, but I always retain a high level of empathy with my clients. I fully grasp my clients' identity and accompany them in implementing their own goals, determining the core areas in their work process and being able to find, keep and utilise their own focus.“


Changes in leadership

A change in leadership is often associated with a variety of requirements, expectations and conceptions held by the different sides, some of which are voiced while others remain unspoken. 
They range from objectives such as "I want to put my shop and my people in good hands!" to "How does the new leadership tick?" on the part of the employees and "We are expecting results!" on the part of the management and "How do I integrate well and (nevertheless) make my mark?" on the part of new managers.


Information and consulting

I am happy to answer any questions you may have on the topic of coaching.

Peter Kraushaar
Phone: +49 8022 96660

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