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ComTeam was founded in 1974 and has its roots in the development and application of moderation methods. Today we are a consulting and training company with our headquarters in Gmund am Tegernsee, Germany. Our academy and conference hotel are also located here.

We are 59 consultants and trainers, 29 of whom are co-owners. Along with its locations in Germany, ComTeam is also represented in Switzerland, Austria and the UK. We also have a presence in the United States and in Asia, thanks to our associate partners.

We stand for success through change. Take advantage of our expertise in effective change processes on both a corporate and a personal level.

You can find specialists in transformation and communication here.

ComTeam Germany

Headquarters in Gmund
ComTeam AG Academy + Consulting
Kurstraße 2–8
83703 Gmund am Tegernsee
Phone: +49 8022 96660

ComTeam Düsseldorf
If your company is located in the west of Germany, then Kerstin KromerJuliane Kasper and Thomas Boysen, ComTeam consultants and trainers, are in your neighbourhood. They can reach you from Düsseldorf for meetings, workshops and coaching, without having to travel a long way. Many clients appreciate being able to access ComTeam's expertise locally.

Call us to make an appointment to find out more about us.

ComTeam AG Academy + Consulting
Schulstraße 1 
40213 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 211 93678330

ComTeam Berlin – In the heart of Germany's capital
We have our finger on the pulse in the north east of Germany. Whether you are based in Berlin, Hamburg or Leipzig, it's easy to reach us — and for us to reach you. Providing a wealth of industry and consultancy experience, our ComTeam consultants Andrea BandtBettina SchäferFranziska Klinger and Peter Kraushaar are ready to support you, together with their coaches, trainers and change consultants. They offer inspiration and technical expertise exactly where you need it from Germany's capital.

Call us to make an appointment to find out more about us.

ComTeam 9p GmbH
Giesebrechtstraße 17
10629 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 762399900

ComTeam Frankfurt

Call us to make an appointment for an initial meet up.

ComTeam Frankfurt
Member of ComTeamGroup
Sophienstraße 29 
60487 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69 77076069

Culturizer GmbH – Unternehmenskultur digital gestalten (German)
Mit dem Culturizer® haben wir ein digitales, dialogorientiertes und praxiserprobtes Tool entwickelt, um Unternehmenskulturprozesse zu initiieren, zu modellieren und bis in die agile Umsetzung zu führen. Der Culturizer® ist die digitale Weiterentwicklung des bewährten ComTeam Kulturprofil-Indikator®. Kulturarbeit wird damit im Team noch wirksamer und fürs gesamte Unternehmen gestaltbar, plan- und messbar. Die Culturizer GmbH wurde 2018 als Tochtergesellschaft der ComTeamGroup gegründet, Geschäftsführer ist Dr. Georg Wolfgang.

Further information:

Culturizer GmbH
c/o Mindspace Munich
Herzogspitalstraße 24
80331 Munich
Phone: +49 89 215 388 120

ComTeam Austria

Welcome to ComTeam Organisationsentwicklung GmbH

ComTeam consultants support and guide people and organisations through change and development processes in an effective and sustainable way, making a significant contribution to the success of your business. We specialise in change management, systemic sales optimisation, cultural development, personality development, communication and moderation, and leadership.

ComTeam Organisationsentwicklung GmbH 

Müllerstraße 4
6020 Innsbruck
Phone: +43 512 3029 850 

Office Salzburg 
Faberstraße 14
5020 Salzburg

Office Vienna 
Mühlschüttelgasse 33/29
1210 Wien

ComTeam Switzerland

Hello and welcome to ComTeam Academy + Consulting GmbH
At ComTeam, experienced managers can find high-performing and committed partners on a level playing field. We specialise in leadership, communication, decision-making processes, transformation projects, conflict management and personal development.

Why not come and visit us.

ComTeam Academy + Consulting GmbH
Bachtelstraße 18
8400 Winterthur
Phone: +41 52 212 4848

ComTeam England

Welcome to ComTeam UK
We provide first class training, coaching and consulting to small, medium and large organisations. We specialise in: Leadership development, Change management and organisation design. We deliver in 4 languages and for those companies operating on the continent we have a fantastic training facility and hotel by a beautiful Bavarian lake in Gmund.

ComTeam Ltd. Oak Cottage
One Tree Hill Road
GU4 8PL Guildford
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7740 064058

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