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Erlkamer Straße 4
83607 Holzkirchen, Deutschland

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ComTeamGroup – About Us

ComTeam was founded in 1974.

Our company is rooted in the development and application of facilitation methods and personal development within professional roles. Today, we are a consulting and training company based in the Miesbach district; our academy seminars are held throughout Germany.

We are 44 consultants and trainers, with 15 as co-owners. In addition to locations in Germany, ComTeam also operates in Switzerland, Austria, and the United Kingdom. Through partner companies, we also have a presence in the USA and Asia.

Since our inception, we have been committed to success through change. Utilize our expertise for effective change management at both the corporate and personal levels.


Personality and Leadership, Transformation and Change, Culture and Mindset, Strategy and Purpose, Collaboration and Teamwork

In these areas, we work with concepts and methods that originate from moderation techniques, systemic consulting skills, and project management. ComTeam consultants work in both consulting and training capacities. Thus, we bring our respective experiences and abilities from all our areas of expertise into the work environment.

Around 46,500 executives and staff members, coaches, HR professionals, and consultants have already attended ComTeam seminars and training courses. Nationwide, in various seminar hotels or at German and international client locations, ComTeam conducts further education and training in various languages.


ComTeam Germany


ComTeam AG Academy + Consulting
Erlkamer Straße 4
83607 Holzkirchen | Germany

phone: +49 8022 96660

ComTeam Deutschland

ComTeam Düsseldorf

Is your company located in the west of Germany? Kerstin Kromer, Thomas Boysen, and Karen Wesselmann, ComTeam consultants and trainers, are right near you. Based in Düsseldorf, they are available for discussions, workshops, or coaching sessions. Many clients appreciate having ComTeam expertise on-site

Call us to arrange a meeting to get acquainted.

ComTeam AG Academy + Consulting
Schulstraße 1 
40213 Düsseldorf | Germany

Phone: +49 211 93678330

ComTeam Deutschland

ComTeam Frankfurt

We support your company in Germany’s banking metropolis with our consulting team led by Martin Graemer. And like all our ComTeam locations, we offer tailor-made consulting, training, and seminars to ensure your company’s success.

Call us to arrange a meeting to get acquainted.

ComTeam AG Academy + Consulting
Sophienstraße 29 
60487 Frankfurt am Main | Germany

Phone: +49 69 77076069

ComTeam Deutschland

ComTeam Berlin – at the heart of the vibrant capital

Situated in Berlin, we also cover the north-eastern region of Germany. Whether directly in the capital, in Hamburg or Leipzig: we will be with you quickly – or you with us.

Equipped with a wealth of industry and consulting experience, our ComTeam consultants Andrea Bandt, Peter Kraushaar, and Bettina Schäfer are available as coaches, trainers, and process facilitators, with professional and inspiring interventions at the right moments.

Call us to arrange a meeting to get acquainted.

ComTeam 9p GmbH
Giesebrechtstraße 17
10629 Berlin | Germany

Phone: +49 30 762399900

ComTeam Deutschland

Culturizer GmbH – Unternehmenskultur digital gestalten

Culturizer® is a digital, dialogue-oriented, and field-tested tool to initiate, model, and lead corporate culture processes right through to agile implementation. The Culturizer® originates as the digital evolution of the proven ComTeam Culture Profile Indicator®. With it, cultural work becomes even more effective within teams and can be shaped, planned, and measured for the entire company.

Culturizer GmbH was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of the ComTeamGroup, with Dr. Georg Wolfgang as the Managing Director.

Culturizer GmbH
Gotzinger Straße 56
81371 Munich | Germany
Phone: +49 89 215 388 120

ComTeam Austria

Servus at ComTeam Organisational Development GmbH

ComTeam consultants effectively and sustainably support and accompany individuals and organizations through change and development processes, making a significant contribution to your business success. We are specialists in change management, systemic sales optimization, cultural development, personal development, communication and facilitation, as well as leadership.

ComTeam Organisationsentwicklung GmbH 
Müllerstraße 4
6020 Innsbruck | Austria

Phone: +43 512 3029 850 

Office Salzburg
blue.bird space
Siezenheimer Straße 39a
5020 Salzburg | Austria

Phone: +43 512 3029 850

Office Vienna 
Mühlschüttelgasse 33/29
1210 Wien | Austria

ComTeam Switzerland

Grüezi and welcome to ComTeam Academy + Consulting GmbH

Experienced leaders will find high-performance and committed partners at eye level. We are specialists in leadership, communication, decision-making processes, change projects, conflict resolution, and personal development.

ComTeam Academy + Consulting GmbH
Rigistrasse 13
8006 Zürich | Schweiz

Phone: +41 52 212 4848

ComTeam England

Welcome to ComTeam UK

We provide first class training, coaching and consulting to small, medium and large organisations. We specialise in: Leadership development, Change management and organisation design. We deliver in four languages and for those companies operating on the continent we have fantastic workshop and seminar facilities we cooperate with all over Germany.

ComTeam Ltd. Oak Cottage
One Tree Hill Road
GU4 8PL Guildford | United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7740 064058