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Robin Klimmt

Senior Consultant, Trainer
Partner at ComTeamGroup

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About me

Consultant and trainer since 2015

Bachelor in International Management; Certified Business Coach (Quadriga University Berlin) and Sport Mental Coach (Kunhardt Academy)

As a consultant and facilitator, I guide individuals, teams, and organizations that aim to transform good into great. My work focuses on addressing root causes to unlock personal and corporate potential rather than just treating symptoms. I prioritize the specific business case over a one-size-fits-all methodology. My expertise lies in supporting individuals in leadership roles, organizational development, shaping corporate culture, and refining profiles and strategies, coupled with the corresponding change management.

My professional journey has taken me through various roles at the intersection of business and HR for Europe and Southern Africa within an international corporation, consulting on innovation culture for large conglomerates and SMEs, to establishing a startup and supporting startups in strategy development, organizational design, and cultural shaping.

Working across a diverse range of company types has provided me with a broad spectrum of experiences in developing actionable and effective solutions collaboratively. Central to my approach is behavioral-level work and empowering the people involved.

I reside in Berlin and Budapest, relishing personal and athletic development, exploring different countries and cultures, and engaging with inspiring people.