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Portraitfoto von Kooperationspartnerin Evelin Kammerer

Evelin Kammerer

Collaboration Partner at ComTeamGroup

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About me

Human interactions have always been at the forefront of my focus. After my leadership experience in educational management, where I had the privilege of guiding people in their development, I now concentrate on supporting individuals, teams, and organizations through their transformation processes.

As a registered mediator, I do not shy away from complex and challenging situations. Keeping teams and leadership levels functioning despite significant differences is one of my specialties. My experience in acquiring clients across various industries and my multilingual abilities facilitate access to a wide range of people, both in intercultural and conflict communication. My expertise and knowledge are also backed by my training as a jurist and romance philologist with a profound background in human rights education.

In my leisure time, I enjoy arts and culture, as well as sports and relaxation with my family and friends.