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Inhouse: Change and Culture

Welcome Change!

VUCA – a trend that will pass?

Hardly. Pace and dynamism of change will remain the only constants that affect us all. This is what organisations, leaders, and employees need to be prepared for. The depth and breadth of this preparation is something we determine together with you. 

Not everyone has to become a change manager. However, being able to deal with uncertainty and complexity, to make decisions, and to take responsibility not only supports leaders but also employees. This way, motivation, and willingness to perform can be maintained. Knowledge about leadership during times of meaningful change, understanding emotional dynamics, or communication in change processes: competencies that are among the most important in this era, providing stability and scope for action in a professional context.

Change Trainings by ComTeam

Perhaps you will agree with us at this point: The quote is more relevant today than ever, even though it is already 2500 years old. The skills to skilfully accompany change and to lead through change are also more important than ever. Despite our best efforts, these things sometimes still do not succeed.

We impart to Change Agents, leaders of all levels, and Organisational Developers the secrets of successful change: from Leadership in Change-to-Change Communication to comprehensive competence in Change Consulting. In doing so, we utilize methods and approaches such as the Waterfall approach or change:agil®. You will benefit from our own, long-standing experience in consulting on change projects.

Among other things, we have designed and facilitated seminars on the following topics:

  • Change Communication
  • Consulting & Coaching
  • Change Competence
  • Successfully clarifying work assignments
  • Change & ChangeAbility
Illustration einer Gruppe von Menschen vor einem Schild mit der Aufschrift "Change"
Illustration einer Gruppe von Menschen mit Symbolen für Unternehmenskultur

Culture Trainings at ComTeam

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker

Success factor culture – often underestimated and neglected. Of course, in our working world, it is about measurable success, and cultural work does not offer that immediately. Nonetheless, it is now undisputed that successful implementation of corporate strategies involves not only the right structures and processes but also the appropriate behaviours in terms of leadership, communication, and teamwork.

Because cultural work should never happen for its own sake, and therefore not be seen as a “feel-good program.” Culture is much more: it determines business success.

Among other things, we have designed and facilitated seminars on the following topics:

  • Competence in cultural change
  • Making corporate culture measurable and shapeable
  • Designing complex cultural processes

Which change or cultural competence would you like to strengthen?

Monika Jödden

Let us find out together which training will bring you and your team forward: