Conflict consultancy – mediation

If two or more people are in conflict, a ComTeam mediator can help. With no own interests, we work with the parties involved in a pragmatic and solution-oriented manner. We make contact with the conflicting parties and provide information on the procedure and the time required. The meeting takes place in a neutral location that can be at the ComTeam premises or at the client site.

Information on the status/result is passed from the parties involved to the relevant managers, for example. The longer a conflict has already been brewing, the longer the time that needs to be allocated. In such cases there may also be several meetings. If the conflict is current and has no long history as yet, it can often be resolved with one meeting. The aim is to restore a sound working relationship and learn a different way of communicating for day-to-day work. If necessary, we are available to you as ComTeam mediators.

Our understanding of mediation

If two are arguing…  Conflicts are part of our life and move things forwards. But not all conflicts lead to solutions. Then resources are squandered and the dispute becomes a pointless ritual. This is where mediation can help. Solution-oriented, pragmatic and allied with both parties.

…one can mediate. Mediation is a pragmatic approach to negotiating different interests or settling conflicts. The aim of the process is to find solutions and agreements that work. This always works if the common interest in a solution is greater than the benefit from the negotiation failing.

Mediation creates solutions without losers. Mediation means working with the negotiating parties to develop solutions that create a win-win situation. The aim of the procedure is to find solutions that are satisfactory for both parties and thus can be effective in the long term.

Mediation creates trust. Mediation helps the parties to recognize which interests, needs and motivations are behind the positions and therefore for one to understand the position of the other. The recognition of interests and the respect for the interests of the other developed through mediation form a basis for the new ideas for alternative solutions. Mediation offers the parties the chance to move from the past to the future, from struggle to solution.

Mediation is allied to all parties. A mediator is neutral and allied to all parties. He/she must not have a personal interest in a particular solution, but wants to achieve a result that is agreeable to both parties. He/she builds trust with those involved and ensures they have equal opportunity to speak. The mediator organizes the process and structures works on solutions. He/she has no power and decides nothing.

Mediation in practice. Our experience of mediation encompasses controversial project situations, conflicts between employees and managers, conflicts within and between teams, and conflicts in management committees.

Information and consulting

I am happy to answer any questions you may have on the topic of conflict consultancy.

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