Martin Gros

Managing Partner
ComTeam AG
, Germany

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About me

Born in 1965, with ComTeam since 2000

As a corporate consultant, I assist with the development of change architectures, ensure good solutions are found to substantive issues and advise managers and project teams. As a trainer, I instruct managers at various hierarchical levels and give training to process and change managers.

For me, working as a sparring partner for project managers and clients is particularly exciting. I also enjoy working with large groups and supporting management teams regularly over a period of time. My "stops along the way" – time at a bank, studying "Strategic Management and Organisation" (business), many years of consulting in SMEs, in the public sector and for company groups, systematic further training and various other qualifications in hard and soft facts – have helped shape the way I work today.

As someone who has moved to the area and made it their home, I enjoy the glorious nature of Upper Bavaria and find inspiration in my friends, travel, activities, newspapers and books. My success project as a family man: balance!

The way in which I work is shaped by my passion for the subject and my respect for people and their past achievements. It is important to me to create clarity and to find solutions that will resolve the problem, not simply alleviate the symptoms.
Martin Gros, ComTeam AG
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