Reflecting on and changing behaviour – advanced course

Overcome hurdles, act with clarity

Taking a new approach is never easy – they say that "change is hard". But in business, it pays to be flexible. The pace of change is high and the complexity challenging. Whoever is able to appropriately adjust their habits is one step ahead, can develop productive cooperation, avoid downtime and maintain their own performance and that of their team.

Target group
Employees, project managers, first-time leaders, HR and organisation developers, coaches and consultants

The participation requirement for this advanced course is the seminar "Recognising behaviour, reflecting on behaviour".

Seminar contents

  • Neurobiology: how we prevent ourselves from reacting flexibly to something new
  • Polarised behaviours: possible ranges of our behaviour and how they affect us in a professional context
  • Proper action: how we successfully do what it necessary
  • Systematic view: what is appropriate behaviour in professional and personal environments?
  • Solutions: overcoming behavioural habits, working out steps for change

Learning objectives

  • To use your findings from "Recognising behaviour, reflecting on behaviour" to broaden your personal and professional scope for action
  • To gain a clear cost/benefit ratio for the change in your behaviour and, in view of the implications, to be able to learn new behaviours and discard old bad habits
  • To achieve greater satisfaction in both your professional and private lives
  • To learn that you need to be challenged to be able to confront change, as challenges motivate us
  • To learn to differentiate between symptoms of behaviour and causes of behaviour and work effectively on both

How your company benefits from this

  • Employees get on better with each other when they can recognise and acknowledge their own role in stressful situations This reinforces your clarity and responsibility in interfaces and boundaries, avoids unproductive questions of guilt and removes the emotional overload of conflicts
  • Strengthened self-worth increases commitment and personal motivation
  • Personal responsibility is taken on in all professional matters. Employees who can take personal responsibility free up leadership resources
  • Employees whose qualities are asserted quickly and have a lasting impact set an example which spreads to other employees
  • Good performance depends on high satisfaction and low expenditure
  • A respectful and clear culture of discussion, rather than dispute, is encouraged
  • Reflection of personal behaviour brings about a better understanding of the behaviour of others, encouraging tolerance for "different" behaviour patterns
  • A good working environment is the foundation of attractive team cultures — a key factor in making a company attractive during a time of great competition for qualified personnel

Information and quotation

If there are seven or more participants, we will provide two trainers.

Basic and advanced seminar in one package:
When booking your seminar, if you purchase one of either "Recognising behaviour, reflecting on behaviour" or "Recognising behaviour, reflecting on behaviour – for leaders" together with "Reflect on and change behaviour", you can pay a package price of EUR 4400,– (+ VAT + hotel). That's 15% cheaper than booking the seminars individually. To book the package, please contact our office.

Seminars, workshops and training courses in our academy in Gmund only take place in German. If you are interested in seminars or workshops in English, please contact our office.


23.03.2020 - 26.03.2020 Reservate/Book
Start 23/03/2020, 4:00 pm Location Kurstraße 2–8, 83703 Gmund, ComTeamHotel End 26/03/2020, 1:00 pm Trainer Elke Lorenz, Dimitrios Lorenz Duration 3 Tage Price EUR 2100 + 19% VAT + hotel: EUR 199/flat rate per day, including VAT
12.10.2020 - 15.10.2020 Reservate/Book
Start 12/10/2020, 4:00 pm Location Kurstraße 2–8, 83703 Gmund, ComTeamHotel End 15/10/2020, 1:00 pm Trainer Bettina Riedel Duration 3 Tage Price EUR 2100 + 19% VAT + hotel: EUR 199/flat rate per day, including VAT
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