Global programme for new leaders

A global insurer develops its leaders around the world according to consistent principles. Men and women who are new to leadership roles are supposed to embody and promote the leadership culture of the company. For this client, we created a development programme for young leaders called "Leadership Essentials", consisting of two three-day modules and accompanying activities.

In the first module, the focus is on developing the personality of a leader. The client places an emphasis on having their leaders make a personal impact, rather than completing their leadership tasks solely through processes and tools.

In the second module, participants therefore learn and practice how to manage challenging leadership situations in the normal working day. As Lead Provider, we have developed a concept that allows the programme to be rolled out globally with collaborative partners, either by us or by providers local to the client.

Training for the first leadership position

A bank chose us to implement a programme for their potential leaders and divisional heads. Participants were selected in an internal assessment centre. The implemented concept comprised four modules over the programme of one and a half years, taking place in closed groups of 12 participants. The managers of the participants were closely involved, agreeing on learning objectives, holding supporting discussions after the modules and conducting a final review meeting with the professional development team and participants at the end of the programme.

The programme's training programmes were accompanied by one-on-one meetings for discussing and consolidating the content of the programme, as well as for preparing individual presentations on leadership issues relevant to banks. The programme was supplemented by "fireside chats" with directors, dual-control feedback by trainers with recommendations for the next learning steps and cover letters for the managers. In 2015, the programme had its 18th incarnation. It has been refined constantly over many years to meet the current and future challenges of the company and its prospective managers.

Decision-making in complex situations

Experienced leaders of a multinational chemicals company increasingly have to make decisions in situations where the facts are hazy and the interests are diverse. In addition, they are often under time pressures and have limited information. In this two-and-a-half day training programme, participants learn how to quickly gauge the complexities of a decision or an assignment. They discover the pitfalls that await decision-makers and how to get around them. The participants learn and practice settling controversial issues in up-to-date practical cases, and how to involve people with the relevant knowledge and skills effectively in the decision-making process.

This seminar was tailored to the requirements of the target group, which both needs a deep understanding when it comes to complex decisions and must have the necessary tools to be able to work effectively with a cross-departmental team.

Corporate change culture

A corporation wants to develop its change culture over the long term so that it can respond appropriately to the dynamics of the markets. Alongside the cooperative implementation of specific change projects, we developed a training programme for each of two target groups: the doers and the decision makers. The operative change managers (the doers) learned the tools of a change consultant during an extensive change expert training programme, comprising four modules and individual supervision workshops. The topics ranged from change philosophy, clarifying the assignment and moderation of participation workshops to self-reflection and working on company culture.

Parallel to this, important decision makers from change projects reflected on their own roles and learned about the fundamental methods in the two modules of the change executives training programme. This comprehensive approach ensures that an organisation can handle change in a professional way in all areas.

Change workshop – seminar

A department of an organisation is affected by profound changes. There is a desire not only to learn the theory behind the principles of change management, but also to reflect on the specific change issues in this case. Here, we suggest a tailored mix of training and workshops. The upcoming change processes are clarified in specific terms and roadmaps are developed based on our models and our approach to change. The participants therefore manage their own change issues. After the workshop, they are able to tackle the subsequent clarification and participation issues immediately.

We provide the perfect package by combining theoretical models with practical consultancy competence. We ensure that change is shaped over the long term.

Training competence for experts

A global reinsurance company places great value on the technical education and training of employees, which is supported primarily by in-house experts. PowerPoint presentations were used almost exclusively as the teaching medium, which led to complaints from the participants. The client wanted to improve the didactic competence of her experts through targeted measures.

The experts were to familiarise themselves with and apply different training methods and media, and establish their own training concept for real-life implementation. In the training programme developed and implemented as a result, the participants were able to learn how to pass on their experience and knowledge in a way that is appropriate for the target group. As learning objectives developed into learning units, a range of suitable methods were conveyed and participants practiced implementing them with different media.

These examples were focused on the learners and a realistic implementation process. Alongside the appraisal of the current thinking on the subject of learning, it was the practice sequences with feedback that led to the success of this training.

Certified business coaching training

To increase the sustainability of their lean-project consulting, a consultancy company sought an opportunity for its own employees to qualify as business coaches. As a result, the coach certification training carried out in the ComTeam academy was tailored and executed to the requirements of the consultancy company. The training programme took place over a five-step programme with group and individual supervision organised chronologically.

After over a year in a closed group of participants, the qualification led to a certification process orientated around the market and the client. After over 130 hours of training, the recommendations of the leader, trainer and three coaching clients (real clients) were recorded and documented in the certificate.

Information and consulting

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