Tailor-made competence

Do you want to offer seminars or training programmes within your company? We work together with you to tailor a solution that fits your needs. That's because only you know what the company should get out of the development measure, and only you know what really works with your company culture. We bring a wealth of experience from similar programmes to the table, plus a wide variety of methods, intensive learning tools and creative ideas.

We would love to discuss the following areas with you:

  • Leadership competence
  • Change management
  • Cultural development
  • Personal development
  • Moderation
  • Coaching + mediation

In English or German: You choose the language!

Achieving your targets through training – we work with head and heart

Our range of seminars includes a broad selection of modules on leadership, change, moderation and coaching. We combine learning units based on what suits you. Our target groups are leaders in human resources and professional development, employees involved in change processes, and groups or teams from organisational units within your company.

Effective teaching methodology

Your leaders and employees are already smart. But how can they become more effective? Our events are designed so that participants can start to apply what they have learned the very next day, meaning that we prefer not to dwell on models and their backgrounds. Instead, we devote lots of time to practical exercises and self-improvement. After all, that's what training is for: trying something new and discussing what really works in practice.

We like to hold events in places where participants are both focused and relaxed in their work – we think that's a good mix. And if the participants' leaders understand the concept and not only support its application but demand it: even better!

Programmes for the long term

You are handing over money and want to achieve your aims. We make sure that your company culture doesn't derail your plans, by:

  • Adjusting the training content to suit the participants' actual roles
  • Matching the organisation of the programme to operational requirements
  • Making the teaching fun, and making learning easier
  • Promoting activities before, between and after the modules, without asking too much

Information and consulting

I am happy to answer any questions you may have on the topic of in-house qualifications.

Alexander Gottein
phone: +49 8022 96660
E-Mail: a.gottein@comteamgroup.com

Practical examples – be inspired

Global programme for new leaders

A global insurer develops its leaders around the world according to consistent principles. Men and women who are new to leadership roles are supposed to embody and promote the leadership culture of the company.


Training for the first leadership position

A bank chose us to implement a programme for their potential leaders and divisional heads. Participants were selected in an internal assessment centre...


Decision-making in complex situations

Experienced leaders of a multinational chemicals company increasingly have to make decisions in situations where the facts are hazy and the interests are diverse. In addition, they are often under time pressures and have limited information.


Corporate change culture

A corporation wants to develop its change culture over the long term so that it can respond appropriately to the dynamics of the markets. Alongside the cooperative implementation of specific change projects, we developed a training programme for each of two target groups: the doers and the decision makers.


Change workshop – seminar

A department of an organisation is affected by profound changes. There is a desire not only to learn the theory behind the principles of change management, but also to reflect on the specific change issues in this case. Here, we suggest a tailored mix of training and workshops.


Training competence for experts

A global reinsurance company places great value on the technical education and training of employees, which is supported primarily by in-house experts. PowerPoint presentations were used almost exclusively as the teaching medium, which led to complaints from the participants.


Certified business coaching training

To increase the sustainability of their lean-project consulting, a consultancy company sought an opportunity for its own employees to qualify as business coaches. As a result, the coach certification training carried out in the ComTeam academy was tailored and executed to the requirements of the consultancy company.


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