Change consultant training course

Series of training courses for HR professionals, consultants, trainers and leaders of communication and change processes

With the latest knowledge, experienced instruction and effective training, individuals, teams, projects and organisations achieve their goals. This series of training courses offers anyone working in consulting, training or projects the essential tools required for providing professional supervision.

The training course bundles together the concepts and methods that originate from moderation methodology, systemic consulting techniques and project management and are taken from our comprehensive range of subjects.

Target group
HR professionals, consultants, trainers and leaders of communication and change processes


  • Clarified assignments and projects: clarify targets and backgrounds for events and projects, make the right decisions on participant selection and process organisation
  • Results in meetings and workshops: prepare and lead events, achieve clear results and agree binding outcomes
  • Professional projects: structure work processes, organise participation and oversee integration into the business strategies
  • Fail-safe decision-making: safely lead situations requiring complex decisions with various competing interests through turbulence and arrive at actionable results
  • Coaching with perspectives: grant individuals clarity and room to manoeuvre, develop targets and pave the way for implementation
  • Self-concept: clarity about your own role as well as personal motivations, attitudes and patterns of behaviour


The training is based on your needs
You can book and combine individual seminars in this series. If you complete six seminars or more, we will confirm your training course with a detailed certificate.

Individual consultation
We will be happy to compile the seminars with you to suit your professional situation.

Package price
We grant a 15% reduction when booking at the full price for six seminars, provided these seminars are booked together and the invoice is settled in one sum. Participants in the training course receive a 15% price reduction on the hotel costs.

Information and consulting

If you wish to book a place on the training course, please get in touch with our office:
phone: +49 8022 96660

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions on the training course, the content or how your training course will be organised:
Bettina Riedel

Seminars, workshops and training courses in our academy in Gmund only take place in German. If you are interested in seminars or workshops in English, please contact our office.

Modules in the change consultant training course (can be combined in any way)

Workshop moderation

Design workshops efficiently and with solutions in mind

You're in a role where you help teams or groups to come up with good solutions together. Those involved have different interests and occupy various levels in the hierarchy. Be it in a detached workshop, a change or team development process, a private meeting or even a large event: You must plan the structure of discussions, manage systematically and enable lasting results. This seminar gives you the opportunity to gain practical and transferable experience in mastering such situations, also exposing the limits of a standardised approach to moderation methods.


Change management seminar

Professional change management 

Many change projects start with enthusiasm but soon lose steam because complexities and conditions are not easy to manage. An approach with a solid preparation and start phase, and an appropriate plan with good stakeholder and participant management, helps with this. The outcome of this is first-class solutions with high acceptance rates and complexity management, both in terms of content and on a social level.

Whoever receives a change request is being relied on for having specialist competence and "social mobility". This recognition means it's tempting to get started quickly and confidently. And everything starts well because the person is able to rely on their prior experience, which is related to the context. However, enthusiasm quickly turns to pressure for immediate results, critics emerge, and things get a little stressful. The complexity of the change process becomes clear. This is normal, but the severity of these outcomes can be controlled.


Recognising behaviour, reflecting on behaviour

Communication style and personal behaviour in stressful situations

Every person is different, with different motives, perceptions and judgements. Being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes isn't easy, especially when things get heated. One person gets aggressive, another stands silent, the third is talking your ear off and the fourth simply takes off. If you can understand what pushes you to the edge and what triggers others, you can be free to behave as you wish to, not as you must. 

Good communication means knowing your own communication profile, developing your behavioural patterns and being able to perceive people without judging them – especially when they are different to you. This seminar can help you to be clear, direct and effective.


Successfully implementing work orders

Being clear is half the battle

If you understand the order clearly then you can plan successful measures and ensure that everyone is happy. By having a precisely clarified order, you can ensure clear contents and a goal-oriented approach. You can be entirely sure that you have recommended the right thing, and that benefits everyone: management, employees, the company, and you.


Consulting and coaching

Lead one-on-one conversations professionally

Some conversations are a waste of time; others go really well and help bring about change. The difference: methods which develop your ability to conduct discussions and strengthen their impact. In this module, you will learn how to establish stable working relationships and achieve reliable resolutions. You will practise how to structure in a goal-oriented manner, how to create an encouraging environment, how to overcome hurdles and how to reach a binding conclusion. You will be able to establish new perspectives and find solutions that suit your clients and their context using your own cases.


Professional conflict communication

Effective communication in companies

Some conflict is inevitable: We have different interests and they are often associated with strong emotions. However, these differences can also lead to excellent solutions as long as effective conflict communication is used. Differences are clarified, disputes are solved and communication and cooperation become possible again.

In this seminar, you will learn to effectively address your concerns, interests and wishes and shape the dialogue about this in a way in which your counterpart stays in the discussion. You will reflect on your own personal way of dealing with conflict and how you allow or prohibit yourself from entering conflict situations.



Pragmatic conflict resolution

Conflicts happen every day. However, they often lead to deadlocks, stall progress and lead to trust problems. Mediation helps in achieving quick and clear agreements, which both parties can live and work with together.

In this seminar, you will learn to identify different points of view, find underlying interests and negotiate viable solutions. You will practise in different groups, either in the role of a neutral mediator or as one of two affected parties. You will be given instructions and demonstrations of the methods and go over both case studies and your personal situations.

The mediation methodology of the San Diego Mediation Center is taken as a basis.


Presence and impact

Instead of making an impression, make an impact

Being on the leadership stage is not about making an impression, but about having an impact. Presence and impact are both required to portray a clear and powerful performance. 

Presentations, speeches, addresses and one-to-one situations. Whenever it is important to you that you are properly understood and for you to achieve something, your impact depends on clear expression, a charismatic presence and a firm standpoint. You will experiment with your range of expression in various exercises. You'll find out what is effective and what works for you. With plenty of feedback, you will gain clarity and persuasive power. It's easy for you to make these improvements, as every exercise is followed by reflection and application to specific everyday working situations.


Power 3.0

Present and responsible authority

When it comes to projects and leadership, not a day goes by when there aren't power struggles of some description, however strong they may be. If you know what you're like in positions of power then you're well on the road to being free, incorruptible and competent. 

In this seminar, you will reflect on your own ideas of power and responsibility, where they have come from and the effect they have when you move within hierarchies. You will consider your personal attitudes and values regarding power and responsibility, exploring your strategies for power and the lack of it. This can enable you to see clearly how you would like to use your personal power and responsibility in your roles and how you can use your personal presence to establish authority through your integrity.


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