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Dimitrios Lorenz

Senior Consultant
Cooperation Partner at ComTeamGroup

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About me

As an (online) entrepreneur, consultant, and digital native, I guide organisations and individuals at ComTeam through their professional development to successfully navigate the era of digital transformation. My thematic focus is particularly on developing a mindset that fully embraces the possibilities of digitalisation in today’s business world, thereby fostering new growth on a personal and professional level.

I am deeply passionate about the development of personality, teams, and leadership skills amidst digital change.

My educational background in adult education (B.A.) and organisational development (M.A.), along with a wide spectrum of training in business coaching, facilitation, meditation, theatre, wilderness, and experiential education, allows me to work in a very individualised and process-oriented manner with groups and individuals—both live and remotely. I bring leadership and management experience from my sole proprietorships, in which I have been professionally involved for over eight years in the fields of personality development, team and school development, as well as the digitalisation of business models.

In my free time, I travel extensively through Europe, where I have the pleasure of gaining diverse cultural insights and meeting fascinating people and projects.

My credo: “Only what changes, endures!”