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Strong teams with clear guidance
An efficient team does not appear out of the blue. But it can be developed, if you understand what makes it tick and what is important. With analytical tools and specific tools for day-to-day management, you learn to understand the behaviour of individuals and of the whole team and can ensure productivity and cohesion in a targeted way.

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Team start-up
When a new team is formed, it is worth investing time in a team start-up. The team members will get to know and understand each other, and communication is placed on a solid footing from the outset. This allows potential and skills to be identified at an early stage and used in the best possible manner for common tasks.

Team MOT
AEven successful work teams need regular pit stops to keep the momentum going in the long run. This is because important topics often need time and are overtaken by urgent issues in everyday work. Regular team development therefore requires no specific trigger, but an entrepreneurial vision. Cohesion and efficiency in the team are increased by reflecting on the cooperation, working on the team culture and keeping an eye on hidden potentials.

Conflicts in the team
Conflicts are often necessary to arrive at good solutions, but some conflicts block exactly this process. The quality of the results then diminishes and dissatisfaction increases within the team. Team development is indispensable to avoid repeatedly tackling symptoms and instead to work through and clarify the causes in a targeted way.

New management in the team
The arrival of a new manager is associated with many expectations, on the part of employees, predecessors, the company and of course the new manager him/herself. It is worth clarifying these expectations at an early stage, because the "beginning determines the structure" and the "first 100 days" form an important basis for lasting success. In this way, the "newbie" is not merely put in charge, but becomes a manager. This is why we have developed a consulting product for this situation that you can find here.

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