Franziska Klinger

Giesebrechtstraße 17
10629 Berlin

Mobile: +49 179 499 3851

Coaching training:
Systemic coach training (artop – Associated Institute of the Humboldt University of Berlin, recognised by the DBVC [Deutscher Bundeseverband Coaching — German Federal Association of Executive Coaching])

Additional training:
Systemic organisational consulting (Fritz B. Simon, Weber & Friends)

Professional background/experience:

  • Business administration graduate (focussing on innovation management, human resources, occupational and organisational psychology)
  • Many years of experience in HR management in an advisory and management role with a focus on HR and organisation development

Focus topics:

  • Vocational guidance and career planning
  • People in change and upheaval situations
  • Managers new to their current leadership roles

Target groups:
Workforce and managers (team, department and divisional managers), junior management

Methods and principles:

  • Transactional analysis, internal team, drivers and beliefs
  • Career lifelines, systemic issues and visualisation
  • Curiosity, humour and open feedback

Based in:
Berlin, northern and eastern Germany

Coaching is available in the following languages:
German and English

My personal mindset:
We point you in the direction of what lies ahead, helping you to forge the path to your goals. We reflect on challenging situations from your current day-to-day work and assign goals, tasks, roles and priorities, or form concrete ideas and wishes for the future of your career. I am happy to accompany you in probing and investigating the solutions you have developed, and to help in overcoming any obstacles. I will be your sparring partner, giving you space to discover and develop your specific skills and advising you with a clear perspective, interacting you with energy and as equals.

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