Dimitrios Lorenz

ComTeam AG

Kurstraße 2–8
83703 Gmund am Tegernsee

Tel: +49 8022 96660
Mobile: +49 162 2797322
Email: D.Lorenz@comteamgroup.com

Coaching training:
Business coaching training at ComTeam

Additional training:
Life coaching, wilderness pedagogy, improvisational theatre, process consultancy training, mediation & meditation

Professional background/experience:

  • Project management in schools development (introduction of class council in Potsdam schools)
  • Management experience in own start-up company
  • Outdoor and communication training (WandlungsSpielraum)
  • Personality development in different contexts (ComTeam)
  • Leadership training for junior management (ComTeam)
  • Digitalisation: learning and leading from a distance

Focal points as a coach:
Change is natural and necessary. I provide support at all points in which a natural change grinds to a halt, both personally and organisationally. A conflict, an upcoming development, a necessary new beginning... ...we look at the current situation together and consider the blind spots in the system in order figure out a sustainable solution for a natural change process.

My main focuses:

  • The interplay of personal and professional life
  • Self-perception for personally "putting your foot in it"
  • Sustainable use of personal strengths for the individual's vision/mission
  • Digitisation and the flexibility the individual's working world
  • Healthy self-esteem as a basis for effective work
  • New to the management role — leading your way
  • Being visible and present with your concerns
  • Enabling and implementing innovation

Target groups:
Junior management, employees and project managers, middle management, self-employed workers, company founders

Methods and principles:

  • Systemic perspective, appropriate reflection of the personal situation in nature
  • The perceived reality as a mirror/indicator of your own beliefs
  • Recognising body signals as (warning) signs for personal development

Based in:
South of Munich, available worldwide via Skype and phone

Coaching is available in the following languages:
German and English

My personal mindset:
Seeking support for personal development is a strength, not a weakness!

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