Bettina Schäfer

Giesebrechtstraße 17, 10629 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 762 399 950 
Mobile: +49 177 910 1681

Coaching training:
ComTeam training in systemic process monitoring, coaching (ComTeam), training in mediation techniques and client-focussed talking therapy

Additional training:
Mind method (Berlin), systemic facilitation (Arnold Mindell), client-focussed talking therapy, mediation methods, meditation and relaxation methods

Professional background/experience:

  • Approx. 15 years of coaching experience
  • Responsible project director and lecturer at a training academy
  • Trainee in enterprise consultancy
  • Managing my own small company in a commercial field
  • Employed as a physiotherapist in Universitätsklinikum Erlangen (Erlangen University Hospital), specialising in psychiatry and neurology

Focus topics:

  • Developing, expanding and deepening leadership work
  • Handling power and responsibility
  • Personal development
  • Reflecting on personal behaviour and implementing changes
  • Dealing with stress in professional and private contexts

Target groups:
Managing directors, middle management; freelancers in change processes and phases that aim to achieve a change in behaviour

Methods and principles:
I work according to systemic approaches from the systemic organisational structure, Arnold Mindell approaches (deep democracy) solution-oriented approaches (Steve De Shazer), with the mind-energy method (Mace), reflection and mindfulness methods, appreciative inquiry and much more

Based in:
Göttingen, Kassel, Berlin

Coaching is available in the following languages:
German and English

Personal mindset:
I get to the key issues in personal change processes very quickly, providing helpful and supportive stimuli for employees to go their own way. I am certainly very direct and can also be provocative in some circumstances, but I always retain a high level of empathy with my clients. I fully grasp my clients' identity and accompany them in implementing their own goals, determining the core areas in their work process and being able to find, keep and utilise their own focus.

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