Our mission

We help people and organisations on their path to success

Employees, teams and organisations – everyone faces the challenge of adapting to, and learning from, new developments. And everyone has the potential to make powerful and influential contributions. By developing skills and encouraging motivational and effective working relationships, we support companies and individuals to achieve their goals and get the most out of the opportunities they have.

We give you the power to change

We make the requirements for your change clear and sustainable. At the same time, we tailor the processes of change to the objectives of the organisation and the needs of the employees. We are sensitive and constructive in our handling of reservations and conflicts, which are often as necessary as they are unavoidable. In this way, we create a framework based on trust and optimism in which the power to change can flourish. You could say that this approach is too systematic. For us, it doesn't matter what you call it – the working practice is what counts.

We know what we're doing

Management methods come and go. We count on our consulting experience, clear agreements, transparent processes and continuous learning. For more than four decades, we have developed and shared effective methods, innovative products and comprehensive programmes for change projects of all kinds. And yet, we are open-minded and constantly scrutinise ourselves. This allows us to support our customers with targeted consultancy and development services in the areas of change, coaching, leadership, culture, moderation and mediation, as well as organisational and personality development.

We can deal with complexity

Complexity is unavoidable. For companies and individuals looking to work successfully with markets, models and technologies that are dynamically networked, as well as handle constantly changing social relationships, they must understand these developments and increase their own ability to handle complex issues. These include ambiguity tolerance, agility and new management methods, as well as clear values, the courage to leave things uncovered and a willingness to experiment and get things wrong. We also develop these abilities in different formats and with the appropriate methods, depending on the situation.

The right mix is important to us

As a driving force of innovation and inspirational collaboration, we don't just recommend mixed teams to our customer. We live this diversity ourselves in multi-disciplinary teams. Our organisation sees co-operation between experienced consultancy personalities with a range of professional backgrounds, industry experience and sector expertise. But there is something that unites us all: Empathy, a constant striving towards improvement and the desire for successful, practical implementation.

Conviction: We don't act unless we're sure

Learning and change processes are demanding and often exhausting. However, as soon as you overcome the first hurdles and enjoy the first successes, learning and change almost always becomes fun. Finding the best path can feel like a wrestling match. As a sparring partner for our customers, we believe in transparency, honesty and communication on equal terms. Clearly defined roles, handling conflict and impartiality create a framework of trust in which co-operative work can succeed. Unless we're sure, we don't act. This ensures clarity and reliability for all parties involved.

We are all human beings – and every one of us is different

We appreciate different personalities and respect your idiosyncrasies. As such, we do not pass on hard and fast formulas. Instead, we support individual potential — because real action comes from within. We know that respect, appreciation on an individual level, personal drive and curiosity are essential for successful work. Therefore, the path to excellent results with us is based on human, open and reliable co-operative relationships.

We ensure sustainable success to benefit as many people as possible

By focussing fully on the specific projects and wishes of our customers, we always keep the reasons behind these objectives in mind. In this way, everybody benefits: the staff and management, who work together in clever and energetic environments which are capable of change; the customers of our customers, who experience better products and services; and finally the company as a whole, which can be satisfied that it is meeting its potential and is developing sustainably.

The things that can't be measured are often the most important

We justify our customers' trust and investment in our work with high-quality consultation and methods that are both reliable and innovative. In this way, we achieve impressive solutions, cultural change and sustainable learning experiences together with our customers, which have a long-lasting tangible and intangible impact.


We provide effective results that are guided by the benefits to our clients. We take responsibility for the quality of results, for the culture of cooperation and for consistency between short-term and long-term objectives.

Clarity and integrity
We are loyal to our clients and to our employees. We are precise and clear. We recognise contradictions and conflicts and use them to identify optimum solutions.

Trust and respect
We shape working relationships in a dependable, honest and clear way. We respect people’s autonomy as well as the history, wishes and values of our clients. We build on our clients' skills and resources and strengthen these during the change process.

Time for working is time for living
We design the working atmosphere, structures and processes so that there is space for both work and life.

Social commitment
We are socially engaged and lend our support to environmental interests.

Method of working

We build on the resources and strengths of our clients and work with them to develop purposeful solutions. We ensure that we include as many stakeholders as possible in the process. In training sessions, we work in an experience-orientated manner and focus on direct applicability. Application, teaching and development go hand in hand at ComTeam and each area informs the others.

Understanding and ability: Every event provides well-founded knowledge and targeted action competence – always with your situation and your company's circumstances in mind.

Experience in implementation: We know what works well in a company; we are aware of both the possibilities and the limits.

Quality assurance: We continuously ensure quality assurance through regular participant surveys and reflections with our clients. This is supported by internal and external supervision.

Intensity: Small groups and usually two consultants guarantee intensive training sessions and workshops: in small groups and all together, on walks or in the evening, sitting in front of the fireplace.

Originality: We appreciate original personalities and respect your idiosyncrasies. Instead of having hard and fast rules, we support your own way of doing things, because real impact comes from within.

Methods and personality: Methods and structure are important, but they are not everything. Role clarity and self-consciousness, the ability to deal with conflict, and multipartiality also all contribute to the success of collaborative work.

Excellent surroundings: Our open seminars and many workshops take place in our own conference hotel next to the Tegernsee lake. We provide a learning atmosphere that lets you reflect, assimilate and focus.

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