Lorenz S. Forchhammer

Senior Partner
ComTeam AG, Germany

My contact details:
Email: L.Forchhammer@comteamgroup.com


About me

Born in 1957, trained in social sciences with a focus on systemic consulting and project methods.

Nowadays, I work mainly as a project consultant, coach and management trainer, and am guided by my experience that the first thing to come along is rarely the best. My experience over recent years has involved numerous management programs – particularly for experienced managers – and several large change projects.

I have written books and chapters of books about change processes, making decisions in complex situations and the development of corporate cultures. I have also written many articles in professional journals on the further development of experienced managers.

As a member of the management board at ComTeam for 15 years, I looked after the development of our products, co-ordinated international development and shaped the development of the "ComTeam brand" together with the partners. Today I am a senior partner and work on client projects, in teaching, research and development.

I work in German and English, enjoy spending time with my large "grown-up" family, am passionate about cooking with very large dishes and like reading – preferably English thrillers.

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