Diana Schölla

Senior Consultant, Trainer
ComTeam AG, Germany

My contact details:
Email: D.Schoella@comteamgroup.com

About me

Born in 1981 in Köthen (Anhalt), Germany, studied business administration with an international focus, completed certified further training to become a sales trainer and business coach. Working with ComTeam AG as a consultant, trainer and coach since 2018.

As a team leader in training development and implementation as well as quality assurance in the financial services sector, I have gained valuable leadership experience while continuously developing and refining my knowledge and expertise in strategy work and quality management. Focussing on management and sales staff in the banking sector, including the challenges of constant evolution in the digital age, gives rise to other exciting topics around the theme of change. Both as a team leader and a project manager in the lean management structure of a large corporation, I saw it as my duty to promote change and to handle resistance with a solution-oriented and empathetic manner.

As a consultant and coach with ComTeam, I accompany people through change situations. As a trainer, I work with my customers on their learning and development processes. During this cooperation, I pass on my experiences and expertise to others, which provides support to individuals, groups and organisations in their development. I see my role as supporting and accompanying my customer, carving out a structure and procedure for their changes and also standing by their side during implementation.

In my free time, I like to travel around the world, getting to know new countries, cultures and mentalities through sport. Dancing is my passion, and exercising in the great outdoors is an important part of my life.

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