Leadership Competence

Leadership – achieving goals with people
To begin with, leadership thrives on technical competence. However, only he or she who is visible as an individual, who communicates convincingly and who has productivity under control will be effective in the long term.

At the centre of every leadership task is the individual's own personality – the ego. This is where the action is. Mastering leadership in every aspect with joy and excellence – and that means not only projected downwards to employees but also laterally without managerial authority and upwards towards one's superiors – requires a significant portion of self-reflection and methodology. That is what we stand for – supporting, advising and teaching – and keep on learning ourselves every day.

"Personal development is part of every leadership task; to master not only specialist tasks but also leadership tasks effectively."
Alexander Gottein, Trainer and Consultant, ComTeam AG

Leadership competence seminars

NEW: Mindful Leadership

Welche Gedanken habe ich über mich und über Situationen, die mich herausfordern? Wie kann ich spüren, wo mein Stress beginnt und wo meine Freiheit endet, sich für gutes Handeln zu entscheiden? Wie fühle ich die Kraft der Gefühle, ohne mich in ihren Strudel zu begeben?

Antworten und Handlungsmöglichkeiten auf diese und viele weitere Fragen gibt das Konzept Mindfulness.


Exerting influence

Be clear and authentic in roles and communication

Leading means consciously influencing people and their actions. If you succeed in doing this, you will be recognised and respected as a leader. In this seminar you will learn how you—in your own personal way—want to use your role as a leader and further develop your ability to have an effect on people. You will exert this influence through clear communication.


Virtual leadership + Being effective

Two modules of one seminar package

Module: Virtual leadership
Be it project management or line management: it's increasingly common for management to take place remotely. The ability to communicate and cooperate from a distance has been around for a long time. However, managing from a distance requires different skills to direct management. Between the two seminars, you'll learn and practise how to manage effectively in the virtual environment.


Module: Being effective
You have been entrusted with a leadership task. It is your responsibility to achieve targets and deliver results with your employees. In this seminar, you can expect to become more competent in leading and developing both individual team members and the team as a whole. You will expand your repertoire of leadership skills and professionally adapt yourself to a given situation and your employees – without having to jump through hoops.


Professional conflict communication

Effective communication in companies

Some conflict is inevitable: We have different interests and they are often associated with strong emotions. However, these differences can also lead to excellent solutions as long as effective conflict communication is used. Differences are clarified, disputes are solved and communication and cooperation become possible again.

In this seminar, you will learn to effectively address your concerns, interests and wishes and shape the dialogue about this in a way in which your counterpart stays in the discussion. You will reflect on your own personal way of dealing with conflict and how you allow or prohibit yourself from entering conflict situations.


Leading laterally – seminar package

Leading in project management and complex tasks

Matrix, holding, or project organisation: Tasks and objectives are subject to framework conditions and influences that are increasingly changing. Anyone who wants to position themselves successfully in this context needs more than just expertise or knowledge of methods and processes. In your role as an expert, specialist and project manager you conscientiously influence managers, colleagues and employees. Use lateral leading methods for this. Integrate personal authority, communicative presence and trust in your options for action to press ahead with tasks. Use different perspectives and interests to contribute to the quality of the successful outcome.


Recognising behaviour, reflecting on behaviour – for leaders

Communication style and personal behaviour in stressful situations

Every person is different, with different motives, perceptions and judgements. Being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes isn't easy, especially when things get heated. One person gets aggressive, another stands silent, the third is talking your ear off and the fourth simply takes off. If you can understand what pushes you to the edge and what triggers others, you can be free to behave as you wish to, not as you must.


Presence and impact

Instead of making an impression, make an impact

Being on the leadership stage is not about making an impression, but about having an impact. Presence and impact are both required to portray a clear and powerful performance. 

Presentations, speeches, addresses and one-to-one situations. Whenever it is important to you that you are properly understood and for you to achieve something, your impact depends on clear expression, a charismatic presence and a firm standpoint. You will experiment with your range of expression in various exercises. You'll find out what is effective and what works for you. With plenty of feedback, you will gain clarity and persuasive power. It's easy for you to make these improvements, as every exercise is followed by reflection and application to specific everyday working situations.


Leadership competence training courses

Achtsame Führung (German)

Mindset für eine emotionale Balance im Beruf lernen

Zeitdruck, Aufgabenvielfalt, Unklarheit von Situationen und Erwartungen, hohe Ansprüche, aufreibende Konflikte: Die Liste dessen, was uns täglich herausfordert, ist lang. Dann ist es eine Kunst, emotional im Gleichgewicht zu bleiben, die klare Sicht auf Situationen und Menschen nicht zu verlieren und angemessen zu entscheiden und zu handeln.


Art of leadership

Training course for leaders who are new to this role

One-on-one discussions, meetings and workshops provide scope for leadership actions. Those with a good combination of clear leadership instincts and an appropriate level of contribution will achieve the set goals together with a committed team. Clear communication and a consistent approach will ensure you are perceived as an authentic leader.


Experience-lead programme

Strong communication 

There are five factors today that define the scope of leadership:

  • Competitive pressure applied by globalisation 
  • Competition to attract the brightest minds 
  • Regulation density from processes, compliance and governance 
  • Virtualisation and digitalisation through distributed projects 
  • Internationalisation with English as the language of business 

Experienced leaders must be able to handle these issues. "Personal leadership" is a good method as high motivation and engagement always hinge on personal contact to a leader who is perceptive, encouraging, accommodating, acknowledging and who paves the way.


In-house company seminars

Tailor-made competence
We offer all of our seminars and training programmes as in-house corporate events.

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