Business coaching

Professional and personal consultancy
When the time has come to take a critical look at how you act in your professional role – that is when coaching serves as your personal quality assurance.

A purposeful clarification of the assignment and an atmosphere of trust are essential for successful coaching. Only with these elements in place is it possible to question specific subjects and working relationships and try out new and unusual approaches. Coaching creates motivation and orientation, delivers new drive and the courage to take a different course.

Coaching is for those who want to get on, who want to find answers to important questions, who want to take on responsibility for themselves and their goals.

At ComTeam you will find competent coaches with leadership experience, who know their way around corporations, both in a technical sense and with regard to different corporate cultures.

"Coaching is a quality assurance system for the professional role. You don't get coaching; you take it for yourself."
Heide Straub, Founder, Trainer and Consultant, ComTeam AG

Coaching seminars

Consulting and coaching

Lead one-on-one conversations professionally

Some conversations are a waste of time; others go really well and help bring about change. The difference: methods which develop your ability to conduct discussions and strengthen their impact. In this module, you will learn how to establish stable working relationships and achieve reliable resolutions. You will practise how to structure in a goal-oriented manner, how to create an encouraging environment, how to overcome hurdles and how to reach a binding conclusion. You will be able to establish new perspectives and find solutions that suit your clients and their context using your own cases.


Successfully implementing work orders

Being clear is half the battle

If you understand the order clearly then you can plan successful measures and ensure that everyone is happy. By having a precisely clarified order, you can ensure clear contents and a goal-oriented approach. You can be entirely sure that you have recommended the right thing, and that benefits everyone: management, employees, the company, and you. 



Pragmatic conflict resolution

Conflicts happen every day. However, they often lead to deadlocks, stall progress and lead to trust problems. Mediation helps in achieving quick and clear agreements, which both parties can live and work with together.

In this seminar, you will learn to identify different points of view, find underlying interests and negotiate viable solutions. You will practise in different groups, either in the role of a neutral mediator or as one of two affected parties. You will be given instructions and demonstrations of the methods and go over both case studies and your personal situations.

The mediation methodology of the San Diego Mediation Center is taken as a basis.


Coaching training courses

Business coaching training

From practice, for practice 

Anyone who finds themselves at a time of change in their career needs a competent coach to help them make good decisions. With the ComTeam business coaching training course, you support people in your career environment in a professional way to resolve their situation and to discover and realise new perspectives and courses of action. 

Business coaching means enabling people to solve problems and make good decisions themselves. A coach achieves this by creating an atmosphere of trust, asking the right questions, exchanging ideas in a productive way and, in so doing, opening up new horizons and opportunities. 

Business coaching is a target- and solution-orientated consultation process in a career context. If you would like to become a qualified business coach, ComTeam can offer you a grounded business coaching training course that has been tried and tested in practice. During the course, you will learn from trainers who have been successful business coaches themselves for decades.


Advanced mediation

Professional and personal competence for a solution-orientated approach to handling conflict 

Controversy and conflict are as old as humanity. Apparently incompatible interests and objectives take shape and collide. Each side fights for what it considers to be its prerogative. The opposing party is made to look worse than one's own party. And it goes without saying that the other party must change, as that would resolve the conflict. But this wishful thinking is not usually the solution. 

This is where mediation can help: developing new ways of debating and recognising different interests and needs can put the working relationship back on stable ground. Resources are utilised once again instead of being wasted, feasible agreements concerning everyday working life are reached and new methods of communication are learned for the future. A good way of developing a culture of debate.


Change consultant training course

Series of training courses for HR professionals, consultants, trainers and leaders of communication and change processes

With the latest knowledge, experienced instruction and effective training, individuals, teams, projects and organisations achieve their goals. This series of training courses offers anyone working in consulting, training or projects the essential tools required for providing professional supervision. 

The training course bundles together the concepts and methods that originate from moderation methodology, systemic consulting techniques and project management and are taken from our comprehensive range of subjects.


In-house: in-house company seminars

Tailor-made competence
We offer all of our seminars and training programmes as in-house corporate events.

You can find practical examples here.

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Consulting: ComTeam coaches

When a ComTeam consultant coaches, you have someone who has management experience and knowledge of the business world, in technical/substantive terms as well as in questions of different corporate cultures.
There is a wide selection of coaches available: men and women, younger and older, and specialists in certain fields. We are happy to advise you on who is best suited for you and your topic.


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