Change Management

Successfully implementing changes
ComTeam consultants are experienced change management experts who bring security and stable functionality to your change processes. We provide you with comprehensive support to make your change a success, by training, structuring and planning, moderating, supervising and sometimes mediating.

There are different scenarios: You have been tasked with a large-scale change project, you want to train change staff, you are already in the thick of a change process and can now see how complex it is, or you want to alter your organisation's change culture in the medium term. We can help you to find the right levers and we will adjust the bandwidth of available measures to suit your specific needs – as consultants, trainers and coaches.

"We provide clarity and find the leverage that solves problems and does not simply eliminate the symptoms."
Martin Gros, Trainer and Consultant, ComTeam AG

Change management seminar

Change management seminar

Professional change management 

Many change projects start with enthusiasm but soon lose steam because complexities and conditions are not easy to manage. An approach with a solid preparation and start phase, and an appropriate plan with good stakeholder and participant management, helps with this. The outcome of this is first-class solutions with high acceptance rates and complexity management, both in terms of content and on a social level.


Change management training courses

Change management training: Change in action

A uniquely practical change management training course

This training course exposes a closed group of participants to a range of practical and useful experiences. With our customers and at our customers' locations, we combine technical expertise and theory with practical experience from many change processes. 

The training course promotes personal development, trains participants to work in groups and gives them the competence they need to develop change architectures and process complex issues. Alongside many classic tools and others developed by ComTeam, the training course addresses the following subjects, among others: large-scale events, conflict management, presence and influence, lateral leadership.


Change consultant training course

Series of training courses for HR professionals, consultants, trainers and leaders of communication and change processes

With the latest knowledge, experienced instruction and effective training, individuals, teams, projects and organisations achieve their goals. This series of training courses offers anyone working in consulting, training or projects the essential tools required for providing professional supervision. 

The training course bundles together the concepts and methods that originate from moderation methodology, systemic consulting techniques and project management and are taken from our comprehensive range of subjects.


Change management consulting

Three factors are essential if change is to be implemented with dedication and commitment: the quality of the solution, acceptance by stakeholders and integration in the environment.

Our topics:

In-house company seminars

Tailor-made competence
We offer all of our seminars and training programmes as in-house corporate events.

You can find practical examples here.

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Book recommendation change management

Verändern: Change-Praxis für Entscheider und Führungskräfte –
Changing: Change in practice for decision-makers and leaders

By Lorenz S. Forchhammer and Walter G. Straub

Change skills are key for successful companies in dynamic markets, and the need for more change skills within companies and organisations is enormous. Building and developing these skills is an important task, and this book will support you in doing this.

Please note that this book is only available in German.


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