Walter G. Straub

ComTeam AG, Germany

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Walter G. Straub, co-founder of ComTeam AG, ended his active work as a consultant and Chairman of the Supervisory Board at ComTeam AG in mid-2018.

About me

My wife and I founded ComTeam in 1974 – also to enable us to share work and childcare with each other better.

For over 45 years, I have guided organisations and managers through the structuring of changes, although in the last ten years I have only worked with upper management on finding clarity in their own roles and upcoming challenges.

After my youth in Berlin, I studied engineering, economics and psychology in Frankfurt and Darmstadt. I started my professional career with organisational planning and strategy development at Siemens AG in Munich. As a partner in the team in Quickborn, I gained more experience in the development of the moderation method and in consulting.

The focus of my work at ComTeam was in the areas of systemic consulting in the design of change processes; that is: project design, cultural development, investment management, negotiating conflicts, supervision and coaching of decision-makers.

I was born in 1945.

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