Peter Kraushaar

Managing Director
ComTeam 9p GmbH, Germany

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About me

As a coach, facilitator and moderator, I support managers, teams and organisations facing or in the throes of change to enable them to make even better use of their skills and overcome challenges, thereby ensuring processes are effective.

I focus on identification and personality, leadership and teamwork, and the new placement of specialists and managers. I coach with a clear view of complex relationships and with considerable empathy for the individual in the system.

As a manager, I have proactively initiated and experienced many changes in international companies in marketing. I have been working as a business coach and management consultant for nine years. I am a certified business coach at the Free University of Berlin, mental coach, design thinker and a graduate of the "Theory U" foundation program.

As a graduate in business administration, I studied occupational and organisational psychology under Lutz von Rosenstiel and today even give lectures myself at the Berlin University of the Arts and IMK (Institute for Marketing and Communications) in Berlin. I am able to successfully pass on my knowledge concerning professional turning points and reorientation. I am also involved in various educational projects involving the education and training of young people in their professional careers.

I love the contrast between tradition and modernity, between the hustle and bustle of a Latin American metropolis and the powerful silence of nature, and between the creative industry and traditional companies.

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