Lisa Unfried

Senior Consultant, Trainer, Coach
ComTeam Organisationsentwicklung GmbH, Austria

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About me

My consulting and training activities primarily involve guiding organisations and people in times of change and supporting employees and managers in their professional development.

Enabling companies to meet the challenges of our times in a constructive manner and creating a fertile ground for positive, profitable company development and happy, healthy employees is my calling and my passion.

Above all, this means taking an honest look at the situation as it stands and recognising and using resources and opportunities. After all: If you recognise the potential in people and foster their strengths, this unlocks energy and potential that otherwise often goes untapped.

Thanks to my career as a senior consultant for renowned international companies, director of large international projects and, most recently, as an employee with managerial responsibility in an international company, I am able to draw on a wealth of experience – both on a specialist and social level.

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