Jacqueline Baron

Managing Partner
ComTeam AG, Germany

My contact details:
Email: J.Baron@comteamgroup.com

About me

After completing my A levels, I initially made my way to the south-west corner of Germany. I began my training as a hotel manager there in a small family-run hotel, then moved to the Tegernsee after a year, where I successfully completed my training at a large, prestigious hotel by the lake.

I have been with ComTeam since the end of 1999. My area of responsibility has continually developed over the years as ComTeam has grown. Starting with report creation and taking on tasks ranging from preliminary accounting and personnel accounting to personnel management, I have been team manager at the ComTeam office since 2012. I really enjoy taking responsibility for coordinating a fantastic office team, my diverse range of tasks and helping to shape internal process adjustments.

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